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Five Promo Product Marketing Musts

Five Promo Product Marketing Musts

Business Branding with Promotional Products

There are a vast number of promotional product types you can use to promote your brand or cause. This is an effective method of making a memorable impression for little cost.

Creating a promotional product isn’t quite as simple as slapping on a logo or slogan and calling it a day. Think about the following questions to help you choose the right type of product for the required purpose.

Who is the recipient?

A promotional product should be relevant to the target audience demographics. Is your brand aimed mainly at male or female customers? What age range? It should be appealing to the intended recipients.

Is it useful?

Ideally you want your recipient to keep a hold of your promotional products. A useless product will be lost and forgotten very quickly. If possible find a useful product type that will be kept and used for a long time. This will greatly enhance you’re the effectiveness of your branding. A good example of this kind of product is branded USB flash drives.

Does it represent your brand?

Keep in mind the product should be conveying your business message and beliefs. The branding should go beyond just the logo. The product itself should be a good representative of you company’s aims.

What is your budget?

Balancing your available budget and quality of the promotional product is essential. Figure out the price per item and how many you need to produce. A low quality product will end up disappointing the recipient both with the item itself and your brand. If a particular product can’t be ordered in sufficient numbers without compromising quality, then you should consider a different type of item.

Is it fit for purpose?

Promotional clothing and apparel has a high perceived value. It is also very effective at attracting lots of attention to your brand when worn in public. However, one issue with apparel is one size doesn’t fit everyone. Carefully pick the size of shirts and jackets. Do some extra research before buying promotional apparel.

What color choice?

The colors used in a promotional product should be chosen to appeal to the target audience. Experiment with different colors to find the one that best represents your brand and makes the kind of impressions you want. It isn’t only about color preference, but also the contrast. Make sure any background, logo and text colors work well with each other and are easily readable.

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