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Examples of Business Casual Attire


When it comes to dress codes or even fashion in a generic sense, there is more confusion than clarity. Fashion evolves consistently and so does style. What used to be fashionable a decade back is almost certainly not in vogue today. Fortunately, dress codes don’t evolve as vehemently as fashion but you do need to have a lucid understanding what the different dress codes mean. If you normally don’t get told about the dress codes to a party or gathering, you can still play around with your choice of wardrobe. But if you have a dress code mentioned on the invitation, then you have to adhere to it.

Common Dress Types

Not adhering to the dress code may bar your entry to the party. If you don’t want that, it is best to play it safe and wear exactly what you are expected to wear. Here are the common dress codes that you would come across – casual, business casual, smart casual, business/informal, semiformal, formal or black tie.

In the associated info-graphic, you can explore the detailed definitions or explanations of all these dress codes and you would also get to know what you should be wearing and what you should avoid.

Casual dress codes are the simplest of all. They don’t compel you to wear anything that you are not comfortable with. Casual dress code is another way of saying that you can wear anything you want and what you would be at ease with. Obviously you should not sport a tuxedo at a casual event but if you want, just for fun, then you can do that as well. Casual is a term used for flexibility.

Using that same concept of nomenclature you can understand all the dress codes. Business casual is casual but within the norms of what is considered acceptable at work. One cannot put on shorts. Smart casual combines casual with business casual and formal clothes. In other words, you can mix and match the various clothes falling into these specific dress code categories and put on an ensemble.

Business informal is technically formal dresses but one doesn’t have to go to an extent of suits or gowns. That is reserved for black tie or formal dress codes. Semiformal hovers around the simple suits and ordinary gowns.

Explore the info-graphic to know more about dress codes and what you should and shouldn’t wear.

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