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Emotional Engagement Tips for Businesses and Companies

Emotional Engagement Tips for Businesses and Companies

An Explanation to Emotional Engagement

According to Psychologists, people purchase products based on emotions rather than logic. Developing an emotional bond with customers is important and is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

Plutchik’s Emotion Wheel

The Plutchik Emotional wheel is an attempt to describe how emotions and colors are related. The eight primary emotions in the wheel are outlined below.

1. Joy
2. Trust
3. Fear
4. Surprise
5. Sadness
6. Disgust
7. Anger
8. Anticipation

Primary Factors to Creating Emotional Engagement

Creating emotional engagement helps to evoke desire and loyalty between your site and viewer. Take advantage of human curiosity by adding alluring imagery, trigger words and premium content to your site. Build trust through the addition of endorsements, referrals, reviews, and certifications. Make customers happy enough to keep them engaged and repeat purchases. You can do this by offering free and valuable content, positive imagery, and well-written copy.

The Decline of Ad Recall

According to studies, consumers recall fewer advertisements than they used to. In 1965, the recall ability of consumers was estimated to be 38%, and, in 2007, it was found that it had dropped to 8%. This 80% drop reveals how important it is now than ever to create an emotional bond during your advertisements to promote the recall of your ads and get the most out of your advertising budget.

Using Emotional Factors to Influence Purchase Decisions

The average consumer won’t enjoy their customer experience if you make them think too much. Make it easy for them by having narrow product choices and only useful information.

People tend to avoid placing themselves in risky situations. Position your product to be a safe option rather than the “new” or “revolutionary” one.

First Impression
The first impression is the most influential. Make sure the first encounter with your customer is a memorable and enjoyable one.

Social Validity
People generally tend to follow the crowd. Give your customers enough evidence to show that other people are buying and benefiting from your product.

After having read this article, you will now have a better understanding of how important it is to create a special bond with your customer. In the current state of the market, with ad recall rates dropping due to an intense competition for consumer attention, it is important to stand out by having an emotional appeal to your audience.

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