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Dr. Helen Fisher Personality Test Types

Dr. Helen Fisher Personality Test Types

Dr. Helen E. Fisher is an anthropologist and professor at Rutgers University. For more than 30 years, Dr. Fisher has spent her time studying romance and what causes one person to be attracted to another. Today, she is considered an expert in the field of attraction and the biology of love. In fact, she helped build chemistry.com’s matching systems using her personality and hormone-based tests. She believes that a person’s personality is based on traits that emerged during childhood and cultural experiences. According to Fisher, there are four broad personality types based on biological styles of thinking and behaving.

1. Explorer

Explorers are adrenaline junkies. They are the thrill seekers in life and tend to act impulsively. They love spontaneity and find routine to be both incredibly boring and limiting. Explorers have plenty of friends and hate commitment. They are open-minded, positive and eager to try new things. As its name suggests, Explorers are always up for a new adventure and can be incredibly charming.

2. Director

Directors are driven by logic and are exceptionally passionate about their cause. When they want something, they go after it with everything they have. Directors never sugar coat things or beat around the bush. They get straight to the point and are direct about their thoughts and feelings. They hate procrastination and aren’t easily distracted from their tasks. They love to learn how things work and look at the world from a technical and scientific point of view. While they are open to new ideas, these ideas must be supported by evidence.

3. Builder

Builders hold their values in the highest regard and rely on them to make decisions in their day-to-day life. They hold onto traditional values, old customers and traditions. Naturally, family is incredibly important to a Builder. They attempt to create a stable environment for their family and themselves. They tend to put their responsibilities first and sometimes before their family and friends. They take a no-nonsense approach to work and are only concerned with getting things done.

4. Negotiator

The Negotiator uses intuition to guide them. They see possibilities and believe that every single thought can be viewed from a number of different angles. Negotiators are hopeless romantics and believe in the idea of a soul mate. Negotiators are also great nurturers and can be emotional, passionate and empathetic towards others. When it comes to romance, these individuals are idealists. If a relationship does not provide them with the emotional fulfillment they need, they would rather spend their time alone.

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