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Dotmailer vs Mailchimp

Dotmailer is a simplified email marketing platform that is designed to meet the needs of email marketers, independent online professionals, affiliates, and similar individuals. Its availability is limited to the US and Europe and its pricing is quote-based.

MailChimp is an email marketing services that is intended for us by SMBs, start-ups, and independent entrepreneurs. It has the ability to handle large volumes and can be scalable to large organizations, but its roots are in the personalization of 1-to-1 communication. It is available globally and offers a freemium model, a monthly payment model, and quote-based features as well.

In the Dotmailer vs MailChimp debate, there are several pros and cons that must be considered so that the correct email marketing platform can be chosen. Here are the key points to consider.

1. Customization

Dotmailer offers onboarding, automation, campaign deliverability and management, along with a creative studio and strategic services. It provides custom integrations as well and comprehensive training of their features.

MailChimp offers a wide-ranging set of features which allows you to diagnose issues with spam filtration, create A/B testing scenarios, manage customer forms, along with RSS-to-email options. You can merge tags, create SMS texts for events, and have social sharing and profiles activated.

If you know what you want, Dotmailer can often create the exact foundation for a campaign. If you need to explore what your best options may be, then MailChimp is a better option to consider.

2. Pricing

Dotmailer offers four specific packages that range in price from $250-$1,750 per month. Each plan offers a 14-day free trial and will provide you will advanced reporting insights, contact insight data, and even web behavior tracking in the more advanced plans. The base plan offers 15,000 contacts, with 2,000 extra contacts allowed for an extra $100 per month.

MailChimp offers three packages that range in price from being free to $199 per month. The most advanced plan offers a transactional email API that can provide targeted e-commerce opportunities, personalized messages, and behavioral data. At this level, you’re allowed up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. For an additional $35 per month, you can add up to 600 more subscribers and have unlimited emails.

Both packages offer something specific and the value is equal to each. Small-scale operations will likely prefer MailChimp, while large-scale operations will likely find DotMailer offering more overall value.

3. Dominance

The Ultimate package for Dotmailer offers users access to 120,000 contacts, with the option to add-on another 2,000 contacts for just $20 more per month. Features at this package level include channel extensions, lead scoring, and account insight data. You’re given a detailed account manager, receive access to exclusive events and resources, and are provided with unlimited telephone support.

MailChimp offers a wide-ranging system of data that will provide you with customer insights and high delivery rates. You can customize emails, provide personal updates, and use test variations to optimize each message that is sent. This allows you to contact a maximum of 2,600 subscribers per month.

If you’re just starting out, Dotmailer appears to be a little too much for the average SMB, though well-established marketing teams could benefit from their Startup package. In this scenario, MailChimp appears to be a better solution. Not only can you get started for free, but you don’t need to worry about a free trial expiring and the potential loss of any data you’ve collected.

For those who have a large, well-established base of subscribers, MailChimp is unable to scale up large enough to meet needs. At their highest premium level, which costs $224 per month, you receive about 12,000 fewer contacts than the smallest package provided by Dotmailer and save just $26 in doing so.

Dotmailer vs MailChimp: Which Is Better?

Both Dotmailer and MailChimp are able to provide key email marketing services for those who are seeking to expand their ecommerce presence. MailChimp is a better solution for SMBs on a limited budget who have limited contacts and may be just flexing their online muscles. Dotmailer is more of an investment, but it is also a powerhouse of a system that can scale up much larger than MailChimp.

The best option is the one that meets your specific needs most consistently. Review the options that are available from each plan, including the freemium option provided by MailChimp, and then choose the one that makes the most sense for you. That way you and your subscribers can find the most possible value from these marketing solution providers.

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