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Does Social Media Make Us Narcissistic?


Does Social Media Kill One’s Ability to Socialize

A growing number of university studies say yes. Experts in psychology say peoples’ addiction to social media distorts their ability to understand social norms that exist outside the realm of the screens that their eyes are glued to. In addition, makes people more self-centered since they don’t really connect emotionally to people they socialize with face-to-face.

The Selfie Syndrome

It’s another way to say social media make as narcissistic. The signs of narcissism, as defined in traditional terms do sound like they could be exacerbated by the social confines created by the social media cocoon. If you are used to “turning off” people on the screen that you’d rather not talk to, it becomes second nature to do it in real life. If someone pisses you off for any reason, you don’t need to bother asking why, you just “un-friend” them and be done with it.

What is Narcissism?

Narcissistic people are also characterized by being quick to anger, quick to blame others and selectively enforcing social rules to benefit themselves over others. All of these attitudes are made easy by the social media device. In the old days, the only way to “cut someone off” via a social network was to hang up the telephone. Right or wrong, hanging up was dubbed a rude and brazen action. When you’re cyber chatting, you can easily to other things to snub someone by seeming smoother. You can disrupt their train of thought by popping a web link into a message. You can avoid face contact by switching off the webcam.

Facebook Glory

Facebook lets you glorify yourself to an unhealthy extent, say studies from the University of California. Posting pictures of yourself is just one way to glorify your being. It’s also a way to advertise yourself to others and to make yourself vulnerable to others doing it to you. Negative statistics about Facebook and Twitter were shocking.

Divorce and Social Media

Around one third of all divorces filed in 2011 were linked to mishaps on Facebook, the University of California social media study said in 2012. Not only do people get in trouble by flirting with other people, they tend to see too much of themselves. Twitter exists specifically as a way for people to tell the world what’s on their mind. A frequent result, according to the U-Cal study is that people out way too much value on their own opinions.

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