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Does Music Affect Your Mood and Vice Versa

Music Affect Your Mood

How Can Make Music Change the Mood of People

Many people today are always listening to their favorite music in their phone, radio, or mp3. The presence of music is really significant to a lot of people because it can relieve their mood swings. It is true that music plays a very significant role in the life people. There are also times when they can relieve their tiredness just by listening to music. Music comes out in various genres. That is why people has a lot of options if what genre of music catches their interest. In this case, the presence of music can really change the mood of people.

Social Media and Music Genres

There are many people today who are not utilizing social media in showing their actual emotions. They usually show their actual emotions when they listen to their preferred genre of music. The different genres of music are:

• Rock
• Jazz
• Instrumental
• Rap or Hip-hop
• Blues
• Pop
• Classical

How Music is Listened

They usually play their favorite music when they are traveling, having a break time in their work, taking a deep rest, partying, and a lot more. Actually, music is being played by a certain person based on his or her mood. Because music comes out in various genres, people are free to choose what kind of music they want to play and listen to. There are also people today who listen to music when they need to comfort their self. In this case, music is not just a simple thing as you think, it really provides helpful benefits to a lot of people. In addition, music can change the appearance of a certain environment. It can make a boring environment into a happy and alive one.

Group Influences

There are several ways on how people can easily decide if what music they will play when they are in a group setting. These reasons:

• Majority choice
• Want of the host
• Trending and Chart Toppers
• Listen to the music personally

With the help of these, individuals can play music that can catch their interest. But, there are times that there are some people who ask to change the music because they really don’t want the one being played. Actually, it is bad to ask to change the music but, they been to choose the right timing in case they want to. In this way, you can avoid embarrassment or gain bad feedback from several people.

Challenges with Music

There are several challenges in both group and setting based. In group based, the challenges are mixed personalities, individual first choice, different culture, and lack of harmony. In settings based, it is various context, various locations, ambient noise, control in volume. When talking about the popularity of music applications, there are several choices of apps that people can choose from such as Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark, Last.fm, and Soundcloud. Of these available apps, many people are choosing Spotify due to the impressive and unique features that contains.

With this information about music and mood of people, individuals can recognize that music is really a crucial thing in the life of people because it can really help enhance their moods.

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