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Cool and Great Creative Ad Design Examples


A high performing internet advertisement is made up of well optimized key parts. Only with a well designed ad, can you make your online advertising campaign a success. Learn the principals behind high converting banners, emails and landing pages.

Banner Ad

Branding, imagery and interactivity are needed for an eye catching banner advert. A great design will grab the viewer’s attention. But good design alone isn’t enough to get results from a banner ad. You have to create a sense of urgency to get the viewer excited. Once you do have someone’s attention, you have a few seconds at the most to make the most of it. So quickly show them where to click to find out more about your offer.

A healthy banner ad is made up of the following 3 key components:

– Cohesive Branding and imagery

– Exciting Offer

– Call to Action (CTA)

Email Ad

The main headline and call to action should be above the fold in an email ad. Above the fold means the content viewable without scrolling down the page. Subheadings and smaller call to actions go underneath. Give the reader a preview of content they would be interested in, and invite them to learn more outside the email. You don’t want to overwhelm the reader by trying to explain too much in one email.

A healthy email ad should consist of these 6 key elements:

– Cohesive branding

– Navigation/ quick links

– Exciting headline – CTA above the fold

– Short Interesting Features

– Other Ways to Connect

– A Way to Unsubscribe

Landing Page

Any input forms and call to actions should be displayed prominently in a landing page. Keep a form as simple and short as possible. The less information site visitors have to enter, the more sign ups you will receive. So only collect the user details that are essential to your business needs.

Be open and honest on your landing page. Proudly present your company history and background. Talk about the expertise and knowledge of your staff to further improve your credibility. Testimonials are always effective in gaining the trust of potential customers. Your prospects want to see what your past customers think about you and your business.

A healthy landing page has the following 6 key parts:

– Cohesive branding

– Exciting headline/Offer

– Form: CTA above the fold

– Reviews/Testimonials

– Awards/ Trust Symbols

-About company history & Staff

So the next time you are planning an advertisement campaign; follow the above guidelines to craft the perfect ads.

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