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Complete History of the General Electric (GE) Corporation

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Getting To Know One Of The Biggest Businesses In The World

So you’re wondering to yourself right now, what company is the biggest brand in the world? Well, there is no one big brand that stands alone, but there are a few big brand companies out there that are competing for this title. One of them happens to be General Electric (commonly just called GE).

Thomas Edison Started it All

General Electric has been in the game for quite some time, since the 1870’s to be precise. But back then it wasn’t known by its current name. It didn’t officially become General Electric until 1892 during a merger with another company. Since then it has been all uphill for them. Being innovators in their field and coming up with devices that we don’t even give a second thought to now a days, but defiantly could not live without.

#1 in Turbine

As of today they are the number one wind turbine manufacturer in the United States. This is great news! This means they are looking ahead to the future for more renewable sources of energy. They know that non-renewable energy won’t be here forever, so they are being smart and trying to prepare.

Innovators Help Growth

Innovators in their field doesn’t even being to explain how much they change in the world on a regular basis. Every year that they are around they are filing new patents on devices that make the world a better place! Being able to turn out new things to be patented on a regular basis like this is what they have been doing since their beginning, which has in essence changed the world. They’ve invented things in just about every field that there is such as the medical field, airline industry, and even things on the home front that we as consumers use every single day and don’t give a second thought to.

Strive for Efficiency

Finding ways to make things better and more efficient is what they do! Their locomotives alone save so much fuel it’s like taking at least 40,000 cars off the road every day! That is just amazing, and now if we could just make our cars that efficient we would be doing much better in the world! Not just being limited to transportation opportunities they have helped make so many things used in the health field that help doctors save thousands of lives every day. Making technology a useful tool to use to our advantage and humanities advantage is what they live for!

Prioritizing Their Customers

They also really do care about their customers. Not only do the innovate in technology they innovate in customer service. During one of the hardest times financially in America’s history they came about with consumer finance system. This is basically a payment plan for the consumer who cannot afford the full price of the item at once. This chops it up into smaller, more manageable payments made over time.

Availability for Parts

And if you ever need a replacement part for you GE product don’t worry, they’ve got you covered. With over 17,000 replacement parts you never have to worry if you’re going to have to go out and buy a whole new appliance or product just because one little thing broke on your fridge, or oven, or whatever the product happens to be.

Top of the World

Things like this are what make General Electric one of the biggest brands in the world. With continued innovation, great customer service, and thinking about the future with their products will always keep them up there and one of the biggest.

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