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29 Coca Cola vs. Pepsi Statistics

Pepsi vs. Coca Cola Statistics

Coca-Cola and Pepsi both date back to the late 1800s. Competiton between both of these companies are fierce. Here is a rundown of Pepsi and Coca Cola industry facts.

Pepsi vs. Coca Cola History

A comparison between Pepsi and Coca Cola’s beginning stages of their business and growth.

1. Coca Cola exceeded the sale of 1 million gallons in 1904.
2. Pepsi saw bankruptcy twice in 1923 and 1931.

3. Coke becomes a registered trademark in 1945 and goes public in 1962.
4. Pepsi claims franchsises in 24 states in 1910.

5. Coke’s first price increase was in 1946, ending the decades long $0.05 coke.
6. Pepsi doubled bottle size in 1933 for same $0.05 price.

International Frontier
7. Coke began bottling operations in Canada in 1906.
8. Pepsi opened its first operations in Eastern Europe and Japan in 1966.

9. Coke had its first TV commerical in 1950 and launched new red and white slogan in 1969.
10. Pepsi launched first advertisement jingle in 1939, adopted new red white and blue logo to support the troops in 1941, and began full scale commercial distribution of canned soda in 1965.

The Ongoing Battle Between Pepsi and Coca Cola

A video on the world view of flavored carbonated water otherwise known as Soda. Pepsi and Coca Cola have been in battle since the early days of the 19th century. It is not just about selling the product, but the idea behind it.

Market Share, Revenue, and Spending

A listing of Pepsi versus Coca Cola market share, income, assets, and spending.

11. Market Share
Coca Cola: 42%
Pepsi: 31%

12. Annual Revenue
Coca Cola: $35.2 Billion
Pepsi: $57.8 Billion

13. Operating Income
Coca Cola: $8.5 Billion
Pepsi: $8.3 Billion

14. Net Income
Coca Cola: $11.8 Billion
Pepsi: $6.3 Billion

15. Total Assets
Coca Cola: $72.9 Billion
Pepsi: $68.2 Billion

16. Total Equity
Coca Cola: $31.3 Billion
Pepsi: $21.5 Billion

17. Employees
Coca Cola: 139,600
Pepsi: 294,000

18. Number of Logo Changes
Coca Cola: 11
Pepsi: 11

Social Media Statistics

19. Twitter Followers
Coca Cola: 391,248
Pepsi: 142,766

20. Facebook Fans
Coca Cola: 34.8Million
Pepsi: 6 Million

21. Coca Cola has surpassed the population of South Korea in Facebook Likes.
22. In 3 months, 1% of the world like Coca Cola.
23. Each second, Coca Cola gets a new fan.
24. Pepsi fans are 42% more engaged than Coca Cola.
25. Pepsi has twice the radio of users engaged more than once.
26. 14% of Pepsi fan engagement comes from comments versus Coke’s 10%.
27. There is 57% more happiness on Pepsi’s page than Coca Cola.
28. Coke is the second most used word on Pepsi’s page.
29. Over half of Pepsi’s active fans engage on their mobile, 49% more than Coca Cola fans.

Detailed History of The Worlds Two Soda Giants

From the beginning days of Coca Cola and Pepsi first being invented, the world has seen these two soda giants go into battle over market share and sales. The following infographic outlines a detailed history of the what is otherwise known as the soda wars.

Coca Cola vs Pepsi Comparison and History

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