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11 Cell Phone Use in School Statistics and Trends

Cell phones have simply become part of almost everyone’s daily routine. First invented in 1973, the initial mobile phones were as big as your head! Today’s phones, however, are more than phones, aren’t they? They are mobile computing units that have more power than even the average PC did just a decade ago!

Cell Phone Industry Trends

Cell phones help people stay in-touch no matter where they are.

From e-mails to internet browsing to even online shopping these days, the modern cell phone is an MP3 player, a video player, and a telephone all wrapped up into one handheld unit. Netflix can even be streamed on modern phones! For the average person, however, the most widely used feature of a cell phone is the SMS or MMS texting feature.

Cell Phone Statistics About Texting

1. 200 trillion text messages are received in the United States every single day.
2. In a recent survey, 42% of teenagers who use a cell phone for texting purposes say they could text blindfolded.
3. Besides checking to see what time it is, texting is the top reason why people use their cell phones every day.

Takeaway: Although cell phones do a great job of being a telephone, most people prefer to avoid these voice-to-voice encounters whenever possible. Why make a phone call when you’ve got a simple question that can be answered via a text message? Though some may say this is causing less inter-personal interactions with people, the counter to that is that people are talking more than ever – just by text messages!

Incredible Cell Phone Statistics

1. Adults 65 and above still prefer to use cell phones for voice communication, averaging almost 400 voice minutes per month, compared with just 32 text messages per month.
2. The average American teen will send out more than 3,300 text messages per month, compared with using 630 voice minutes.
3. It is estimated that Americans by themselves will spend $1.8 billion on cell phones and related accessories by the year 2015.
4. Many cell phones run useful apps and Apple provides 99.4% of all apps that are downloaded by people each year.
5. There were just 300 million app downloads in 2009. In 2010, the number reached 5 billion. In 2013, there were 102 billion downloads.
6. In-app purchasing has become a new way to generate revenues for organizations, with the company behind Candy Crush Saga generating over $800,000 in daily revenues.
7. 71% of students sent or received text messages on their cell phones in class.
8. Even in schools that ban cell phones entirely, the percentage of use sits at a shocking 58%.

Takeaway: Cell phones are going to become even more integrated with daily life as technology continues to evolve and change. Whether you support having an Apple iPhone, a Blackberry, or one of the many different types that run an Android O/S, the options that you get with the modern cell phone let you take a high powered camera, a computer, and of course a telephone with you wherever you go. And, if you’ve got a teen in the house, expect a lot of texts too!

Teen Cell Phone Usage

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