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Careers and Jobs for INFJ Personality Profile

Careers and Jobs for INFJ Personality Profile

The INFJ personality profile will be better suited for jobs and careers that truly meld with their personality. When a person has this profile, they will be reserved and focused on the overall tasks instead of the smaller ones. They worry about personal issues rather than objectives and like to take control through planning and organizing. A few of the best career choices for these individuals are listed below.


Artists enjoy alone time and will often be very focused on their overall works. The fine details of their work tend to come later and they are always trying to find perfection within themselves. Through careful planning, they can turn a blank canvas into one that is beautiful. With immense creativity, some of the most beautiful art can only be made by those with the INFJ personality profile.


While many people tend to believe actors are outgoing, they normally seek alone time as does this profile type. They will continually want to plan out their lines and find that their work is more than satisfying. They like to control their characters and plan out the exact lines and expressions they will make. By being creative, this is a solid choice for those with an INFJ profile.


Creativity and alone time are both synonymous with a photographer. They will be able to take firm control over a shoot and will do so with a smile on their face. They will look at a whole landscape and let their talents take care of the rest. They plan out every detail when they are working and this lends to their professional nature.


Creativity and teaching go hand-in-hand. While teachers have to deal with students, they will be exercising their leadership roles and taking control. Organization allows a teacher to better prepare for the curriculum and quiet time is sought after work hours. This is great for those that do not relish in quiet time as often as others, but still fit into this profile.


Nothing screams quiet time quite like a writer. With the ability to be alone for long periods of time and plan out their work, the writer is a great choice for INFJ personalities. Creativity is up to the writer and they are always able to take an abstract view with their work. With gratification being seen through personal accomplishments, this is a great fit for a career. Poetry may also be an option for these writers.

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