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Business Formal Dress Code vs Business Casual Dresscode

Business Formal Dress Code vs Business Casual Dresscode

A CEOs Dress Code and Personal Style

Here is a peak on present day CEOs and their preferable dress and casual style.

Casual is New

Majority of senior management are said to wear business casual attire to their office with the occasional jeans or shorts as typical wear. Business suits are not considered the least popular of choice with only a small 14% of management wearing them.

Color Choice

The preferred color choice of these leaders is navy blue, black, and brown. At a single percent or less you may see pink and red around the office.

Breakdown of Percentages of Most Popular Colors:
Navy Blue – 36%
Black – 26%
Brown – 8%
Grey – 8%

For women, 51% of them are seen wearing more black to work compared to only 18% of men. Of men, 41% of them are seen typically wearing navy compared to 21% of women.

Transportation of Choice

When it comes to transportation, CEOs prefer to drive larger cars than any other vehicle. SUVs fell at the highest percentage of 27% as the vehicle of choice with a mid-sized sedan moving in second place with 22% and luxury sedan sitting at 15%. Pick-up trucks followed at 9%.


When asked what the drink of choice was at company parties, 32% of people reported not drinking at all during company events. Of those that do partake in drinking, 26% prefer wine and 22% prefer beer. Mixed drinks became the third choice at 18%.

Overall, 20% of reported high level management said they stay away from company happy hours completely. 31% of wine is the preferred drink of female executives while 25% of males prefer beer over wine.

Lunch Time

Surprisingly enough, 41% of senior level management brings lunch from home while 19% eat at a restaurant. 17% choose to grab whatever form of fast food is easily accessible while 23% do not normally eat a lunch at all. More than half of women typically bring their lunch from home at a 57%, compared to only 36% of men. Men are more likely to order fast food compared to women.


When asked how these managers prefer to part their hair, three to every ten senior management leaders reported parting to the right. This is at a 31% compared to the 27% whom prefer to part to the left. Only a small 9% part their hair down the middle with a remaining 7% being either shaved or bald.

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