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Bill Gates Biography Timeline


It is sometimes difficult to find someone who has never heard of Bill Gates, mainly because he is such a influential person; he is also known as being one of the richest people on the planet. What few know, however, is the story of his upbringing, as Bill Gates has remained mostly secretive or has given select interviews that detail his childhood and adolescence. If you really want to know the story of Bill Gates, you have to look into what made the billionaire so successful, as his successes speak for much of his career as provided in this infographic.

Bill Gates (Early Years)
Gates was born in 1955, and he was at first a very argumentative kid. While these attributes would later land him very lucrative deals and other global successes, growing up this characteristic would land him in a lot of trouble. His parents encouraged competition in the home and outside of the home, which may have been the reason of such a push for Gates to be successful. After a series of computer hackings that happened in his high school, Gates was banned from the computer, but even this banning wouldn’t deter Gates away from using computers.

Bill Gates (Middle Years)
Gates went to Harvard, with the intention of becoming a lawyer like his father, but he would later recant this decision once he read about the Altair computer in a magazine. After calling Altair saying he had a program language that he was willing to share (he didn’t have such language), Gates wrote this language with quickness that would be later called BASIC. After dropping out of Harvard for continuance in programming, Gates sold the language, and started running a program called Micro-Soft.

Bill Gates (Later Years/ Now)
Bill Gates worked diligently in this new company, sometimes working 16 hours for at least five years. After he was asked by Steve Jobs exclusively to program a software for Apple exclusively, Gates persisted on the program, working on it till it was perfected. Jobs would later accuse Gates of stealing this program, as Gates would use this program with his company, later calling it “Windows” which hadn’t even began production yet. Gates then focused more on his company which was becoming even more prominent in the technological world; in fact, Microsoft was the place where he met his future wife Melinda.

Gates at the age of 31 became the youngest billionaire ever, and at the age 39, the absolutest richest person on the earth. Gates would later marry Melinda, and he would eventually step down as CEO of his company (Microsoft). Though Gates stopped overseeing the company’s activities, he certainly didn’t stop from saving the world, as Gates to this day continues to fight poverty worldwide and he looks out for those that are facing famine or unhygienic conditions. Gates got his Harvard degree and he now finances Big History classes for many high schools across the globe.

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