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Best Valentine Fundraiser Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to raise money for your cause. The trick is to get creative and sell items that people are looking for. Flowers, candy and cards are popular items that can easily raise money for your organization. The Valentine fundraiser ideas below are easy to organize and profitable.

Candy Grams

Candy grams are a great fundraising idea for schools, and inexpensive to make. Choose an appropriate Valentine’s Day candy and fill cellophane bags with them. You can purchase fun Valentine’s Day themed bags from a dollar store or a local craft store. Tie a red ribbon around the top of the bag to complete the candy gram. You can sell each gram for $2.

Set up a table in a busy hallway or by the lunchroom and take orders from students. On Valentine’s Day, have a group of volunteers deliver the candy grams. Delivering the grams early in the morning before classes begin will make it easier to find the students. The delivery of the candy grams will be the hardest part of the process, and you will need a reliable group of volunteers to make it a success.


Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most effective. Purchase or create Valentines and sell them to raise money. The more unique your Valentines are, the higher the price can be. If you have a group of crafty volunteers, you can purchase supplies from a local craft store and create your own Valentines to sell. Creating your own Valentines is the most cost efficient option and will yield the highest profit. If your fundraiser is taking place in school, you can also have the Valentines delivered to the recipient.

Flower Sale

A flower and balloon sale is the perfect way to raise money during Valentine’s Day. Get in touch with local florists and ask for donations or a discounted rate. You may not be able to sell roses, but a local florist should be able to offer you in-season flowers that are just as pretty. Flowers can be sold for $3 each.

Cupcake Sale

Valentine’s Day is all about sweets, and a cupcake sale can raise quite a bit of money. Offer a selection of different cupcakes, such as chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. You can also purchase Valentine’s Day themed cupcake decorations to complete the look. Do some research online to find fun cupcake ideas, or have your volunteers come up with their own creations.

Valentine’s Day Gift Sales

Valentine’s Day is all about giving a special gift to the one that you love. Hosting a Valentine’s Day gift sale gives others the opportunity to purchase something special for their loved one and support a good cause at the same time.

Have your organization set up a table and offer a variety of different gifts, including flowers, jewelry, cards, chocolate, stuffed bears and more. Post flyers to advertise the sale or place an ad in the newspaper.

Valentine’s Day Raffle

A Valentine’s Day themed raffle is a surefire way to raise money for your organization. The great thing about raffles is that they are fun to organize and inexpensive – especially if you can get local businesses to donate prizes. Prizes can include a romantic dinner for two, a bouquet of roses, gift baskets or gift cards. Hold the drawing on Valentine’s Day, announce the winner and deliver the prizes. This is a great fundraiser to hold in an office or a school.

Secret Admirer

This is a great fundraising idea for schools. Everyone has a crush – especially teenagers. Give teens the chance to tell their crush how they feel while raising money for your cause. Students can pay $1 to send a note to their secret admirer. The crush will have to pay $1 to see the note and an extra $1 to see who wrote the note. Each crush can generate up to $3. If many students participate, you can easily raise hundreds of dollars.

Valentine’s Day Dance

Host a Valentine’s Day dance to raise money. If you’re raising money for a school, you can host the dance in the gymnasium. Otherwise, you will need to rent space from a local venue. Churches and recreational centers are two great options. Find someone to volunteer as a DJ and have your volunteers sell tickets. You can also sell flowers and candy at the dance, or in combination with the ticket.

Depending on your budget and how many volunteers you have, you may also serve dinner at the dance. A local caterer may be willing to donate food or offer you a discounted rate. This will allow you to charge a higher admission fee to cover the cost of the dinner. Try to host the dance a few days before Valentine’s Day. You may not sell as many tickets if you hold the dance on February 14.

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