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Best Sans Serif Fonts for Web and Webdesign


The fonts and colors you use in designing a website can tell a lot about you. Read on to learn the true meaning behind the design choices we make.

Font Choice

– Arial. This font is stable and conformist. You are playing it safe as Arial is viewed as unimaginative. Best used for spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and headlines.

– Verdana. Popular font used in instant messaging, computer programming, online tests, math documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Impact. Rigid, assertive, sad and unattractive are associated with this font. You probably want to avoid this font, or use only very sparingly. It is seen as only acceptable for some web headlines.

– Comic Sans. This font is characterized as wacky, youthful and passive. You should consider it only for web graphics, digital scrapbooking and documents aimed at kids.

– Gigi. Often used on E-greeting cards, but the Gigi font is not recommended for any other use. It is a very creative, elegant and exciting font, but also deemed rebellious, unstable and casual.

Color Choice

Colors represent different things to people around the world. The meaning and general reaction to colors differs depending on the culture. The following interpretations are based on responses from people in the Western Hemisphere.

– Red: Inherently exciting. The amount of red on a page is directly related to the perceived level of energy. Red draws the attention, unlike any other color. It is very effective at focusing the viewer’s attention to particular page element.

– Orange: Sparks controversy. Orange is seen as a fun and warm color. It usually causes a strong positive or negative response. Reactions tend to be a stronger “love it” or “hate it” feeling for true orange.

– Yellow: Shining Optimism. Yellow is the color of happiness and enlightenment. A golden yellow hue hints at a positive future. It can spark creative thoughts and ideas.

– Green: Cool and warm. Green is often associated with nature and tranquility. It is the color of peace and ecology. But it can also be thought of in a negative way, such as “slimy” greens.

– Blue: Constantly dependable. Blue is the color of trust and commitment. It overwhelmingly the favorite color. As the color of the sky and ocean, it is seen as a constant in all our lives.

– Indigo: Spiritual realization. Indigo is a deeper blue which is seen as a sign of wisdom and self-mastery. It is the color of profound insights and personal thought.

– Purple: Calm and stimulating. Purple is the balance between red and blue. It has royal qualities and is liked by creative people.

– Pink: Youthful Energy. Pink is seen as a happy and sometimes light-hearted color.

– Brown: Natural stability. The color of the earth; is seen as a reliable and approachable. It represents all things natural and organic.

– Gray: Classical intellect. Gray is perceived as sleek, refined and long-lasting. It is the color of knowledge and wisdom.

– Black: Overwhelming power. Black is a strong and authoritative color. It represents emptiness and lack of color.

– White: Clean and pure. White is a neutral color. It gives a sense of purity and cleanliness.

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