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Best Glasses Frames for Face Shapes


Different face types need different types of glasses. If you’re shopping for glasses for the first time, or if you would like to find something that is perhaps more comfortable, there are several things you can keep in mind. The first step is to know what type of face you have. Once you know what kind of face you have, you can figure out which glasses will work for your face, and which ones won’t.

Face Types And Glasses

There are a number of recognized face types. Each type has certain frames for eyeglasses that can look great. By the same token, there are also certain types of glasses that won’t be ideal:

A Square-Shaped Face
Square faces should look for glasses that are round or oval-shaped. The frames should have a darkness or boldness to their color. Geometric and square shapes should be avoided. Light-colored frames as well.

A Heart-Shaped Face
High/angled cheekbones should look for oval or round-shaped glasses. Designs that are heavy up top, or are particularly decorative, should be avoided. Dark frames are also a bad idea. Try to find glasses that are thin with light colors.

A Round Face
A square face will have full cheeks, a widened forehead, and a rounded chin. Contrast to your face is important. Look for glasses that feature square or strong angular frame shapes. Frames that are too short or too small should be avoided.

A Diamond-Shaped Face
Frames that are oval or rimless are good. You want glasses that will offer both balance and enhancement to your facial features. Frames that are very thin or very narrow are not ideal. A diamond-shaped face features narrow eye lines, so you don’t want glasses that will bring attention to them.

Interesting Facts About Face Shape

Interestingly enough, an oval face is a type that is considered to have the most even proportions. The rarest type of face is the diamond-shaped face, so finding glasses ideal for that face type can be difficult. A youthful appearance can often be found in those who have high cheekbones or a rounded face.

Have you ever wondered about the things that can influence your face type? Certain stressors can influence symmetry. These can include toxins, diseases, and psychological traumas. Your genes can also play a large role in the type of face you have. Research has indicated that are at least 5 genes that can dictate the shape of your face. There are likely even more that are responsible.

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