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Best Fundraising Ideas for Teenagers

Teenagers can hold a fundraiser for a variety of different activities. From raising money for cancer to helping a teen that has just lost their parents, there are a lot of opportunities for teens to be able to help others by holding a fundraiser.

The following fundraising ideas for teenagers are easy to get started and safe enough for a teen to do.

Food Related

Food, food and more food. When it comes to holding a fundraiser, food is the go-to choice for most teens. There are hundreds of ways that food can be melded into a fundraiser.

Concession Stands: Local ball games will always have a place where food and drinks can be sold. Concession stands may be rented out or donated for a good cause. The goal is to choose foods that are purchased for cheap but sold for a great profit. Sodas, hotdogs and burgers are all great options where the cost of the food is priced just right to make sales and earn a hefty profit in the process.

Bake Sales: There was a time when bake sales would occur all year long. Now, bake sales are the talk of the town because they are thrown so infrequently. These sales will allow teens to sell anything from apple pie to brownies and cookies.

Pizza Party: A more fun activity is to throw a pizza party where people have to pay admission to enter. This allows for a lot of socialization and all proceeds that are collected can go towards the teen’s cause.

Competitions: Who makes the best cupcakes in the entire school? A competition where people can enter and have a tasting will be a great choice for a food fundraiser. This allows everyone to be able to taste food and the winner will be crowned the best cook in town. The great part is that a competition literally promotes itself and will make a lot of money for the cause.

Teenagers have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to food. Even a spaghetti dinner can be thrown and will be a success. Teens should use schools and other teens as a form of promotion. By handing out flier or having the principal announce the event on the loud speaker, it will be possible to draw in a lot of attendees that are more than willing to help donate money.

Cleaning Related

Fundraising ideas for teenagers can also involve cleaning. Anything from gutters to raking leaves is an opportunity to raise money and do so quickly. The following ideas are always a big hit and will bring in profits quickly.

Raking: When the fall months approach, the leaves will fall off of the trees and cleaning will be of the essence. Oftentimes, people would rather pay someone else to rake the leaves for them. This is a great time to ring doorbells and ask any neighbors if they would like their leaves raked. The issue is that some neighbors will want to give you something else in lieu of money. Instead, be firm and make it known that this money is used for a fundraiser.

Mowing Lawns: Lawn mowing is just like raking and will require a lot of hard labor. Ask neighbors or even local businesses if you can mow their lawn for money.

Shoveling Snow: When winter is in full force, shoveling snow will be very profitable. Simply go around town and offer the shovel driveways for people. This is a very hard activity that will require physical strength and stamina, but you can demand a hefty price for your services. If you have a snow blower available, bring it along to make your job faster and easier.

Can Collection: Cans and bottles are often discarded on the side of the road or in parks. You can help clean up the neighborhood by collecting these items and actually turn these items into scrapyards. Cans will be paid for based on the overall weight. An afternoon of can collecting can yield several hundreds of dollars in return.

Car Wash: A local car wash is also an option. This will allow you to clean cars and do so for money. The goal is to require a donation for the initial wash and have a minimum donation amount. This allows patrons to pay more if they see fit and will actually bring in far more donations than a standard fee.

There are a variety of ways in which teens can raise money for any cause. With a little bit of enthusiasm and motivation, it will be possible to raise money and do so while helping others. While there are many fundraiser ideas, the ones listed are those that will make money regardless of what time of year it is. A little hard work can lead to a massive amount of donations received.

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