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Best Fundraiser Ideas for Small Groups

Fundraising can be a challenge, and the success of your efforts will largely depend on how many volunteers you have. The smaller the group is, the harder you have to work to raise the money you need. Choosing the right type of fundraiser can have a dramatic effect on how much money you raise. Listed below are some simple but profitable fundraising ideas for small groups.

Dog Wash

Dog washes are a simple and easy way to raise money for your cause. Most families today have dogs, and most would also be willing to pay to have someone else bathe their furry friend for them. A dog wash can be held in a local park. Just make sure that you contact the city first to find out what the rules and regulations are. A local pet store may be willing to donate any grooming items you may need. Advertise the dog wash in the local paper or post flyers around town.

Recycling Program

There are quite a few recycling programs that help groups raise money for their cause. In most cases, they will supply the collection boxes and take care of shipping. This eliminates most of the cost and the leg work on your part. Organizing a recycling drive is simple, easy and requires only a few volunteers. Through the drive, you can collect old cell phones, electronics, cans and more. Some programs only collect specialized items, so keep this in mind before you sign up.

Car Painting

If you have a small group of artistic volunteers, you can host a car painting event. Drivers can pay your group to paint their car after school. This is a great fundraiser to hold before games when students really want to show their team spirit.

Student Film Festival

Hosting a student film festival doesn’t require a large group of volunteers. A little planning and organization with the help of a small group can make this fundraiser a success. Have students create and enter their own films to the festival. Charge a fee for admission and for concessions.

Sell Gift Wrap

During the holiday season, students, faculty and parents are all in need of gift wrap. There are many fundraising programs that make selling gift wrap as simple and easy as possible. They provide the order form and ship the gift wrap for you. All you have to do is get out there and sell.

Christmas Tree Pick-Up Service

After the Christmas holiday has passed, advertise a Christmas tree pick-up service. This fundraiser only requires a handful of people, and is easy to organize. Advertising will be the key to success with this idea. Charge a fee for each pickup. Start advertising a week before Christmas and have your group pick up trees up to a certain date. Donate the trees to a biomass recycling center.

Bake Sale

A bake sale is simple and easy to organize. With just a few volunteers, you can host a small sale that will raise money for your cause. Sell cookies, cake, cupcakes or any other baked goods that your team is willing to bake. You can also get in touch with local bakers and see if any would be willing to donate some baked goods to your sale. During the bake sale, sell coffee and other refreshments to earn even more money.


Raffles are by far the simplest fundraiser you can organize. All you need to succeed are great prizes and a roll of raffle tickets. Ask local businesses to donate prizes to your raffle and charge a fee for each ticket. Have your group sell tickets at a school game or during lunch.

Ask for Donations

If you only have a small group of volunteers, sending out letters and asking for donations may prove to be the most effective way to raise money. Inside of your letter, tell the reader why you are raising money, why you need the money urgently and how they can help. Recommend a dollar amount to donate and offer an advanced “thank you” for their donation.

Sell Flowers

Sell flowers to raise money for your cause. Get in touch with local florists and nurseries to ask for donations. Set up a table outside of a grocery store or inside of the school and sell the donated flowers. Be sure to get permission from the store owner before setting up your table. This is a simple fundraiser that is easy to organize and does not require a large group of volunteers.

Coffee Sale

Similar to the flower sale, you can set up your own coffee sale near the cafeteria in the morning. A local coffee shop may be willing to donate coffee. Make sure that you have plenty of sugar, cups and creamer on hand for the sale. Set up a collection box to collect extra donations.

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