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Best Days to Make Sales Calls


Here are some of the biggest highlights to remember from this infographic…

1) Data Differs from Country to Country.
When it comes to what days potential conversions rates are the highest, it seems that Friday always has the most potential. But what days that salespeople actually work the most on varies from country to country. We can see that in France, salespeople work hardest on Wednesday, compared to Monday in Spain and Tuesday in Australia. In the UK, salespeople also work hardest on Tuesday. Brazilian salespeople work harder on Mondays. Americans and Germans both work hard on Wednesday.

2) Wednesdays Win It.
No matter what way you slice the international pie, most sales work seems to get done on Wednesday. Why this is not made entirely clear. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Wednesday is in the middle of the week. One could then argue that this gives salespeople time to find leads, nurture them a bit in the beginning of the week, push very hard in the middle of the week, and start closing at the end of the week. However, the data above does not give us any insight into why this is, really.

3) Fridays Can be Great Sales Days, Too.
It seems that a lot of salespeople in a lot of places are just not giving Fridays their all. Which is not good for businesses, at all. According to the charts we see above, Fridays have very high conversion rates in nearly every country. So, if you are not taking advantage of this on Fridays, your competition very well might. Be sure that you are training your salespeople to work just as hard on Fridays as they do on any other day. We know it is really close to the weekend, but profits (for businesses of all sizes) matter!

4) An Interesting Correlation.
Of all the countries examined in detail above, it seems that the United States and Germany are most similar in the workweeks of their salespeople. For both countries, conversion rate potential for Fridays is very high and is very low on Thursday. Salespeople in both these countries work the hardest on Wednesday and start to slack off a bit on Thursday, and the most on Fridays. This is more similar than any of the other countries, above. It should be noted, though, that Germans work harder and more consistently harder on both Mondays and Tuesdays than American salespeople. But they work far less than Americans on Fridays.

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