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B2B Lead Nurturing Best Practices


Could Nurturing Transform Your Business Model?

One of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal is lead nurturing. Businesses that succeed at lead nurturing have about 50% more leads that are ready to convert than businesses that don’t and they can do it at a third of the overall cost. Triggered when a targeted visitor or lead only takes a specific action, these leads are perfectly tailored to encourage them to explore the value of what your business has to offer. From blogs to personalized e-mails that are specific to what that target is doing, lead nurturing is easy to set up and automate.

Steps to Your Own Lead Nurturing Campaign

Focus on original content first.
Almost half of the cost of all marketing campaigns today comes from the creation of original content. If you can find a good content writer, hire them immediately because if you don’t, someone else will in the near future! Without good content that relates to people, you won’t even be able to convert a warm sales lead because there will be no sense of value communicated to that person. Don’t be dragged into the trap that says an automated process can utilize spun content. It can’t. Create original content for each step of the lead nurturing process.

Know the behavioral triggers.
In order to build a relationship naturally, you’ve got to be able to appropriately respond to a potential customer when they take a specific action. If you respond in a positive way to whatever behavior they’ve displayed, you’ll naturally build a connection to that person. As that connection builds, the level of brand loyalty that person has for you will build as well. Even if you don’t generate an immediate sale from that person, chances are they’re spreading the good news about you through word of mouth advertising and that’s generate new leads and conversions for you.

Integrate your process with your existing marketing content.
Have you already invested a lot into original content, but it just hasn’t been noticed by your targeted demographics? Don’t spend more money on even more content! Use a visual integration tool instead that can create a lead nurturing campaign that directly connects to your e-mails, blog posts, and other content in your database that is already good. This way you can make sure the right content goes out to the right people when they’ve triggered the mechanism.

Do you have thirty minutes to spend?
You can create a rather complex lead nurturing campaign in just thirty minutes or less. Maybe you want to wake up some sleeping leads or you’ve got a great idea that can differentiate your business from what your competitors have to offer. With your existing content and the right strategy and visual tool, you can literally have an entirely new lead nurturing campaign paying off by the end of the business day today if you are getting started in the morning.

Lead nurturing helps to guide your potential targets toward a conversion. If you’re not helping to funnel them into your brand, chances are they’ll leave your ship and join up with your competitor. Take the time to try your own lead nurturing campaign today and see how much more business you can do at a fraction of the cost you are spending right now!

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