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Anatomy of a Successful Entrepreneur


Believe it or not, statistics show that the majority of entrepreneurs who are successful have things in common. Here, we will explore these stats based upon a recent survey of very successful entrepreneurs. We will look at what their lives looked at when they started their businesses, what the future held for them, why they choose business as a career, and how they ultimately made their way in the world. What you learn about business movers and shakers may just surprise you.

What Their Lives Look Like

The majority of entrepreneurs surveyed were middle-aged, college educated, married, and had children. Despite that, they still took the risk they needed to in order to succeed in business. Many of them had no guidance from family members about their businesses, as they were not kin to others who were entrepreneurs. Most were from the middle class, as well. During college, most of them get the idea to be entrepreneurs, although another large number did not think about it. Almost half went on to start more businesses, and almost half were just starting their very first business.

Why Do Entrepreneurship?

As mentioned above, not all of these people had it in-mind in college to be entrepreneurs, but over half did. However, a lot of them had very common motivators for becoming business creators. These included wanting more wealth, and wanting to overcome the struggles of their childhood (especially those from lower class families). Others did not want to have to work for others, and around 64% said they always wanted to be business owners. Almost all of them had already worked 6 years for another company before creating their own. Some things were not so important to them, like not being able to find a typical job.

How to Make Success

What are some things that make business starters important? Some of the most important factors included previous experience, luck, being able to learn from successes and problems, as well as knowing management. Try to build personal and professional networks, as people ranked these as very important. These people can eventually help you to build venture capital with experience, although expect to have to invest your own cash, at first. Be sure to work as hard as possible and understand the risks ahead of time. Never underestimate the power of support systems, as well as your own creativity.

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