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American Apparel’s Dov Charney Net Worth

Dov Charney Career

Dov Charney is an an Entrepreneur and CEO of “American Apparel.” Originating from Quebec, Canada, he is recognized for his progressive policies and multiple awards. His business has created him the following success.

Net Worth:$20 Million

American Apparel

Dov Charney founded “American Apparel,” a clothing manufacturer and retailer at the young age of 20. He relocated to South Carolina in 1990 after dropping out of Tufts University to persue the apparel business full time. A few years later after opening a t-shirt manufacturing company, he fell into deby and filed for bankruptcy in 1996.

In 2003, he relocated to Los Angeles, California where he opened his first retail store and employed 1,300 people. In Los Anageles, he operates a 800,000 sq foot factory downtown.

Charney is known for his support of manufacturing clothing that is Made in America. He often speaks out against outsourcing, slave labor, and oppressed working conditions.

In 2006, “American Apparel” was sold for $360 million for acquisition for making the company go public. Charney was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the publicly traded company while also remaining the majority shareholder. All employees at the time were given 500 shares of stock depending on their employment tenure.


Dov Charney has been faced with multiple claims and allegations of sexual harassment from past employees and models. However, none of these have ever been considered founded.

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