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Adobe Connect vs Webex

If you’ve ever needed to have an online meeting space, then there’s a good chance that you’ve taken a look at Adobe Connect, WebEx, or both programs. WebEx has dominated this market space for a number of years, with market shares sometimes exceeding 50% in North America and 40% around the world.

Yet Adobe Connect offers a number of top features that are comparable to WebEx for a price that is comparable. In the Adobe Connect vs WebEx debate, which web conferencing program is the better value?

How Adobe Connect and WebEx Are the Same

As with most competitive software options in the same market space, Adobe Connect and WebEx have some features that are comparable in both systems. Expect to find these features in both options.

  • Adobe Connect and WebEx both feature cross-platform compatibility. This means all participants in the web conferencing event have a universal platform that can be used, no matter which operating system might be employed locally by each participant.
  • Adobe Connect and WebEx also feature a persistent URL. This allows users to create a personalized meeting room that remains consistent, much like having the same office extension to a specific phone number. This allows participants to jump right into the web conferencing space wherever they left off without disrupting the layout of the space or the presentation materials it contains.
  • Adobe Connect and WebEx offer a number of plugins that can be installed so that productivity levels and be individualized. Third-party programs are included in this feature, including MS Office, Outlook, Lotus Notes, IM programs, and other one-click integrations.

Both programs also allow for 25 attendees to be present on a single license. If you upgrade to the Adobe Connect Pro program, you can increase the number of attendees to 100 on a single license. Upper-level WebEx licenses allow for multiple hosts and unlimited capacities, but may also have a pay-per-use structure that some users may not wish to have.

How Adobe Connect and WebEx Are Different

In the Adobe Connect vs WebEx debate, here are the key differences that stand out between the two programs. By comparing the differences to specific local needs, you can determine which option is the best web conferencing program to meet your needs.

  • WebEx offers users access to security features through the use of a proprietary dynamic switched network. Adobe Connect relies on P2P connections between local PCs. This means meetings with WebEx take place on a private dynamic network instead of servers that are hosed in the Cloud. Users on WebEx therefore have a better overall security advantage over Adobe Connect.
  • Adobe Connect is much easier to use when starting a meeting or conference online. The interface is based on Flash, which is already installed on most computers. Even if a PC cannot connect without a download, the software to create the connection is often free. This means almost anyone can have a meeting with someone else on Adobe at any time. For WebEx, all participants must download a Meeting Manager before they are able to access the dedicated URL for the meeting the first time. Users on Adobe Connect therefore have a better overall connection experience compared to WebEx.
  • Adobe Connect also works consistently with current firewall security issues, whereas WebEx may require special permissions to be used due to the initial download. This means Adobe Connect is often easier to use from an administrative standpoint as well. Users don’t need the same change of permissions to use Adobe Connect as they may need to have in order to use WebEx.
  • Adobe Connect plays video content with faster speeds and a lack of buffering compared to WebEx. Although this key point may not affect all users, those who use video content in their presentations on a regular basis will see noticeable delays on WebEx. Content on WebEx must also be viewed through a proprietary viewer, while Adobe Connect allows for immediate access with secure private and public access options – even for recorded meetings.

What Is the Best Solution?

Both Adobe Connect and WebEx provide viable web conferencing solutions that can create a productive environment for any business. Although the cost of Adobe Connect tends to be a little higher than WebEx, it also offers a friendlier, more accessible solution for everyone who may need to be involved in a meeting.

On the other hand, some businesses require a secure online meeting space and that is the most important consideration. In that instance, WebEx is a superior solution.

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