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Adobe Connect vs GoToMeeting

If you’re looking for a web conferencing solution, then Adobe Connect and GoToMeeting offer two potential options. Both platforms offer users with VoIP and call-in audio options and personal meeting rooms. You will receive a free mobile app when you use either services. Adobe Connect offers two tiers of meeting plans with a discount on an annual purchase, whereas GoToMeeting offers a free tier.

There are some additional key differences of note between these two platforms which are worth taking a look at today.

How Easy Is It To Use The Platform?

Adobe Connect requires users to have Flash installed and downloaded in order for the platform to be used. It is also available sometimes through a third-party provider, which may limit some access to commonly used features. GoToMeeting does not have any of these requirements and a download isn’t even required, making it possible for anyone to instantly join a conference.

Is Video Conferencing Available?

GoToMeeting offers a feature which allows HD video to be streamed from a meeting location. Participants are given the option of having their webcam turned on or off Adobe Connect has the ability to offer spacing for up to 100 different webcams. Although this may crowd the interface from time to time, it does allow an organizer to create a face-to-face video meeting through Adobe Connect that is audio-only when using GoToMeeting.

How Good Is The Information Sharing?

Adobe Connect offers various methods of interactive information sharing, which includes the use of a whiteboard and meeting polls. GoToMeeting does not offer features like these with their web conferencing solutions. They focus on providing a high quality audio stream as often as possible.

What Kind Of Support Is Offered?

GoToMeeting offers full support for all of their tiers. Adobe Connect also offers full support, but third-party purchasers must route their questions or concerns through that company before it will be addressed by Adobe.

This means a third-party purchase of Adobe Connect must have their service concerns logged by an initial company and addressed, if possible, before Adobe will address a question or concern as a second level of support.

What Are The Various Pricing Tiers That Are Available?

Adobe Connect offers two tiers of service, called Meeting Host 25 and Enterprise. The first tier allows for meetings with up to 25 participants and pricing at this tier starts at $50 per month. In the Enterprise tier, meetings with up to 100 participants are allowed, but pricing is customized based on your total level of anticipated participation.

GoToMeeting offers four total tiers of service for a more individualized web conferencing solution. Their free tier allows for a maximum of 3 people, allowing startups and entrepreneurs to have an effective meeting solution. The Starter tier allows for 5 people in a meeting, with pricing starting at $24 per month if purchased as an annual plan.

GoToMeeting’s Pro tier is similar to the first tier that Adobe Connect offers, allowing 25 people to join a meeting for $39 per month if purchased on an annual plan. The monthly rate for the Pro tier in a pay-as-you-go scenario is $49 per month. Then there’s the Plus tier, offering meeting accommodations for up to 100 people for $49-$59 per month, depending on how you pay.

Can The Platform Be Used For Training Purposes?

Adobe Connect allows for webinars and learning solutions that trainers can use. Content delivery, mobile learning across devices, immersive classes, on-demand classes, and management tracking are all components that are potentially available on this platform. These plans come at an increased cost, however, as Adobe Connect Webinars start at $130 per month. Adobe Connect Learning starts at $370 per month.

GoToMeeting does not offer these features.

Can Meetings Be Recorded?

Both platforms allow for meetings to be recorded and then rebroadcast at a later time. Adobe Connect offers a built-in editor that allows you to remove sections of the recording as needed. Multiple users can open a recording in edit mode at the same time, but only one open account can save an edited recording. Everyone else would receive an error.

Both platforms require users to convert a recording from the basic recording file to one that can be downloaded. Each platform allows for this option to be done within the dashboard. Adobe Connect and GoToMeeting can convert files into MP4, while Adobe Connect allows for FLV files and GoToMeeting allows for WMV or MOV files.

Adobe Connect and GoToMeeting both offer a solid web meeting solution. SMBs may look at the free option from GoToMeeting, while large companies may look at the exclusive training and learning opportunities from Adobe Connect. Either way, it becomes easier to provide information to those who need it.

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