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9 Ways to Cope with Change in Your Life


Change can be difficult to make, especially when it is forced upon us. Change creates uncertainty. That becomes the foundation for stress. When stress occurs, hormonal changes in the body can affect physical health. Try using these ideas to make it easier to adapt to change in your life when it happens.

1) Keep Control.
Even when change happens, there are still things you can control. Focus on these items. Try creating a to-do list to handle the changes which come your way, then check off items you successfully complete.

2) Create Opportunities.
Focus on what positive outcomes are possible when change comes your way. This reduces the impact of stress because you’re focused on the process of excelling instead of the process of enduring.

3) Set Deadlines.
Change is easier to handle when you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. If there isn’t a formal deadline in place, create an estimate for yourself. Think about how long the process will take. Then create manageable steps which will help you get from Point A to Point B.

4) Take Care of Yourself.
When moments of change occur, it can be tempting to focus on that process instead of focusing on our personal needs. Make a schedule for yourself where you can get enough sleep, get some exercise, and make healthy eating choices.

5) Build a Network.
Your social support network provides invaluable strength when facing times of difficulty. If you don’t have family and friends around to support you in-person, try joining an online community which is facing a similar situation. You might even receive some practical advice about how to handle what you’re going through.

6) Cope with Triggers.
Take some time to write down what bothers you about the changes which are occurring. The process of writing something helps you process difficult emotions. Writing by hand, instead of typing, can inspire more creativity too.

7) Laugh.
Laughing releases dopamine and endorphins, helping to reduce stress. Choosing to smile, even if you don’t feel like smiling, can create happiness.

8) Get Help.
There are times when stress can get the best of you. If that happens, seek out professional help. Just talking with a counselor can help you to develop strategies to counter the stress you’re experiencing.

Change might be inevitable. Having a bad reaction to change when it occurs is up to you. With these ideas, you can manage change in better, healthier ways.

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