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9 Stories Behind Entrepreneurial Billionaires


Some people are natural entrepreneurs. They never meet a stranger and could sell words to a writer. Do you find any common ground in the stories of these influential business people who have the spirit of an entrepreneur inside of them?

1) Ingvar Kamprad
He made money during his childhood by selling matches to his neighbors. He bought them in bulk and then sold them at retail prices. As he got older, he began doing that with other home supplies as well. Eventually, he would create Ikea at the age of 17.

2) Daymond John
He made money in the first grade by selling personalized pencils. He would scrape the paint off of each pencil and then paint the names of the “prettiest girls” in his class. This first entrepreneurial step would eventually lead to the creation of the Fubu brand.

3) Jo Malone
She made money during her childhood by creating her own perfumes to sell to her neighborhood. She would collect flowers from her garden and then mix them with Camay soap. Now she is the name behind perfume sold globally as the founder of Jo Malone London.

4) Kevin Plank
He began making money as most kids do, performing odd chores for neighbors, like mowing lawns. As a teen, he sold bracelets at concerts. In college, he moved on to selling t-shirts. He even had a florist business where he sold roses. Now he serves as the Chairman and CEO of Under Armour.

5) Warren Buffet
He made money as a teen taking on odd jobs as well. At one point, he was a paperboy. He sold everything from golf balls to gum. Then he took his profits and bought pinball machines, which he installed at a barbershop. He would eventually sell this business for $1,200 and become the brains behind Berkshire Hathaway. He’s also one of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

6) Estee Lauder
As a child, she was heavily interested in the family business, which sold beauty products. Working with her uncle, she named one of the creams and began selling it, learning the business in the family store. This would lead her to being the co-founder of one of the largest beauty product brands in the world today.

Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. Some find the spirit as a child. Others find it in college. If you feel the spirit, think about your past experiences. What did you learn? Then turn that experience into a money-making venture.

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