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9 Steps to Public Speaking Excellence


Have you ever watched a truly inspiring TEDX talk, and asked yourself, “how do they do it?” In reality, public speaking is not that challenging when you know the right and wrong things to do when on stage. In fact, it may be easier then you think to improve your public speaking with a few quick hints. Below is a guide designed to get you on your way to becoming a public speaking expert.

Before We Begin…

If there is no greater word of wisdom out there, remember this. Public speaking is all about creating a narrative for your audience to follow. You bring them in, convey information in a relevant way, and finish everything at the end. When thinking of a good speech, think of a good book.

A Captivating Title

Less people will come with a dull and direct title. In addition, less people will come if the title is so vague that no one knows that you are really talking about. The objective is to provide a title and brief description that sounds fascinating but also has the information people need to know concerning what the speech is about.

The Dramatic Opening

Again and again, you will find people stressing the dramatic opening. Often seen as a shocking statement, loud pronouncement, or question to the audience, these openings immediately draw people in. The audience is left asking where the speech will go from here, ensuring that at least for the short term, you have their attention.

Know Yourself and The Audience

There is the information you want to talk about. There is the information the audience wants to hear. Between these two is a sweet spot that you want to land in. The closer you can get to providing information that matches these two criteria, the more engaged the audience will be.

Getting Back to the Point

Being able to tie what you are talking about back to the point of the speech repeatedly helps ground people in how what you are speaking relates to the topic at hand. This can be especially helpful if the topic is large, complex, or otherwise not simple to grasp on the first ho.


As the old adage goes, “Practice Makes Perfect.” Practice the speech, practice the speech again, and when you feel like you have mastered it, practice the speech again.

Bringing It All Back

At the end of your speech, tie it back to the beginning. If you started with an initial pronouncement, then end with a reference back to that.

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