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9 Salary Negotiation Tactics that Work


Every conversation can have four narratives. It may either go completely in favour of you or completely against you. It may be mutually agreeable and beneficial to both parties or it may head nowhere and be contrary to everyone’s interest and intention. Out of the four different narratives that a conversation can veer towards, the worst is to have it go completely against you. If no one wins, you still stand a chance to win in a subsequent conversation. But if a conversation has gone against you then you have already lost the game.

Conversation Hacks to Increase Results

Conversation hacks are necessary for all and sundry. If you are arguing with your spouse and the discussion or argument seems to head nowhere, you can try and steer the interaction or the narrative in your favor. You may be in for a negotiation with a client, a discussion about your pay hike with your boss or you may simply be in an interaction with a customer trying to convince him or her to sign up, interactions and the narratives will determine if you will succeed in achieving your objective or you would fail.

9 Simple Conversation Hacks is your gateway to turn any interaction in your favor. Some people are stronger psychologically than others, can read what their respondents would be geared for and accordingly can tweak the narrative of a conversation to suit them. Most people are however not well trained in this and often do not have the natural penchant to steer conversations as is desirable. It is for those people to master the 9 simple conversation hacks.

Simple Tips to Follow

These tips are not out of the world. They are simple rules actually which have been derived from experiences of having steered conversations to a predetermined result. You will always have some preferences as to how a conversation should shape up, what you should talk about, how you should talk and what kind of anecdotes and rhetoric you will engage in to win the argument or negotiation. The art and science of talking and dominating a discussion, letting it go or revealing the mutually beneficial objectives even if you are the one really benefiting are just some of the many facets that are covered in the 9 Simple Conversation Hacks.

If you can master the tips and exercise them properly during a conversation, it is unlikely that you will ever be at the losing end of the spectrum.

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