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9 Peformance Boosting Daily Rituals


Productivity is the best currency that any employee can generate. It creates equity that can be used to resolve political situations at work, earn a promotion, or create a raise in income.

There are certain daily habits that can help you to become more productive over time. Here are the ones that are proven to work.

1) Take a Cold Shower
If you take a cold shower instead of a hot one, then you’ll increase blood circulation levels. It will also cause your body to release endorphins that stabilize your mood.

2) Stop the Emails
Complete your to-do lists before checking your emails. You can lose up to 2 hours per day just reading and responding to messages. This is especially important to do after a long weekend, a holiday, or a vacation.

3) Use the Do Not Disturb Function
Many smartphones offer a Do Not Disturb option. This stops notifications from pestering you throughout the day. If your phone does not have this feature, try using the Airplane Mode. If that isn’t available either, just shut your phone off for a few hours.

4) Do Some Deep Breathing
It is important to give the brain a break from your daily tasks at work. Every hour, stop for about 5 minutes to take some deep breaths. Close your eyes. Focus only on your breathing. Count each breath to 5 as you inhale, then 5 as you exhale.

5) Keep a Journal
An easy way to manage stressful events at work is to maintain a journal. Work on it at night, after work, and you’ll be able to improve your memory and comprehension. Recall every key point from a bothersome situation and then talk about how it makes you feel.

6) Mediate
If you have a 30-minute lunch break at work, then take 10 minutes to meditate. For those with an hour break, take 20 minutes to meditate. Choose a comfortable position, take some deep breaths, and still your thoughts.

7) Ground Yourself
Sitting all day can be just as harmful to your health as smoking. At minimum, you should stand up at least once per hour for about 5 minutes. Stretch out those fingers and toes. Take a few deep breaths. Consider purchasing a standing desk, so you can stand whenever you want and stay productive.

You can maximize your productivity. Choose the methods that you think will work and get started today.

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