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9 Keys to a Perfect Sales Prospecting Email


There are many ways to contact your prospective customers or clients. You can engage with them on social media, interact with them on your blog, send newsletters or go with the conventional options of brochures, print advertising and fliers. Among the dozens of traditional and contemporary modes of communication, email remains to be a very potent tool. Sales emails are very common but not every company manages to use them effectively. If you have to crack a sale by the virtue of an email, the email should be well thought out and be compellingly effective.

The Anatomy Of A Great Sales Prospective Email is a very detailed yet precise guide to help you write that perfect email which will get you a sale. No matter what product or service you are selling, who you are selling to and what kind of details you have to include in the email, the guide in the info-graphic should help you to sail.

At the very onset, your email must be crisp. In other words, it should be simple, neat and precise. You cannot write a thousand-word email. You cannot have half a dozen paragraphs. Your email should be as short as possible, ideally of three to five sentences. Next, your emails should be personalized. Gone are those days when ‘to whom it may concern’ was a cool thing to write on emails or letterheads. Today, if it is ‘to whom it may concern’, then it is a message that actually says ‘it doesn’t concern anyone’. You have to address your prospective customer or client personally. That is what sets the ball rolling. Any company that appears to know nothing other than the email address of the client or customer is not going to get the attention of the person.

Emails need to be short and that doesn’t leave much room for a detailed conversation. You need to be informative and yet be able to entice the audience. Enticing becomes easier when you start with a question or ask something that compels the recipient to think. However, you cannot go on asking questions or only ask questions and not provide any answers to them.

From being specific to the task at hand and what you have to sell to ending on a note that compels the person to follow up, you shall get to explore many such wonderful ways to make your email more effective in The Anatomy Of A Great Sales Prospecting Email.

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