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9 Incredible Email Subject Line Ideas


When you send out an email campaign, what is the very first thing your customers see? Your subject line, of course! The subject line of your emails can be the difference between having your customers open them, or having them automatically hit the delete button. Here, we will give you some tips that you can easily use in your subject lines to make your customers much more likely to open their emails from you. These tactics are so simple you might just be surprised.

Numbers and Percentages

Numbers and percentages easily catch the eyes of your audience. When you decide to use these sorts of subject lines, however, you should be careful. Be sure that your numbers seem real. Often, this means you should steer clear of percentages or numbers that seem just too simple or round. Make them more believable by making them seem like actual numbers. For example, 5,349 seems more believable as a number than just 5,000. It seems more real than even 5,300. When you are using either numbers or percentages, be sure to try to include them toward the front of your subject lines.

Including Valuable Content

Customers love content that is valuable and free to them. As part of your next email campaign, you might want to include something that your email campaign that your customers find very valuable. For instance, give them a link to a video. Include the video subject, title, or link in the subject line. This will let your customers know that you have included a video with your email. Free reports are another thing that customers love to receive from businesses. To let customers know that you have included a free report, include those words in your subject line.

Other Ideas

Want other ideas to get customers to open your emails more often? Here are just a few that you can use:

  • Go for the weird and unusual. This can spark the curiosity of your customers.
  • Use questions marks to end your subject line, as opposed to other punctuation marks.
  • Reply to a very successful email campaign to ride on the success of your initial email.
  • Use second-person pronouns in the subject line that call out your customers
  • If you want to try something particularly fun, include a subject line that has a place for your customers to fill-in the blank.
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