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9 Great Relay for Life Fundraiser Ideas

Relay for Life teams can raise money for the American Cancer Society through fun fundraising activities and events. The most successful fundraisers are ones that provide a service that people already spend their money on. Below are some great Relay for Life fundraiser ideas that will help you reach your team’s goals.

Relay Raking

When fall leaves start piling up, the last thing homeowners want to do is spend a Saturday afternoon raking their yard. Gather your team or some friends and offer to rake leaves or do some light yard work for donations to the American Cancer Society. This is something that most homeowners pay for anyway. Most will be more than happy to put their hard earned money towards a good cause.

Flick and Friends

Host a movie viewing party and serve guests dinner. Although you cannot charge an admission fee to view the movie, you can charge them for food. In addition to the fee charged per plate ($10 is a great price), you can also serve movie snacks (popcorn, sodas, etc.) for an extra donation. When planning the event, opt for a budget-friendly meal choice like spaghetti and meatballs.

Unlocking the Cure

This is a fun and unique fundraising idea that is best suited for a larger event. The concept is similar to a raffle. Have participants purchase a key. Each participant will use their key to try and unlock one of three locks on the door. If their key unlocks one of the locks, they will win one of the prizes. For this event, you will need an old door, three locks and plenty of keys. Don’t forget to secure some great prizes for the event too.

Dance Marathon

Host a dance marathon where the last dancer or couple receives a prize. Charge an admission fee and secure a great prize to offer the winner. You can choose to allow participants to enter individually or as couples. To raise extra money, you can also host a raffle and plan other fun events to keep participants around after they’ve been eliminated. This is an event that can be held just about anywhere, providing you have a large open space. School gyms, fairs and banquet halls are all great places to host this type of event.

Spring Flower Sale

Contact a local florist and ask them if they would be willing to donate flawed flowers or sell them to you at a discounted rate. Roses are great for this type of fundraising, but any type of flower will work. Charge $2 to $5 per flower. This is a great fundraising idea for children in school, but can also be a great way to raise money in your work office as well.

Rummage Sale

Rummage sales are always a great way to raise money. Many Relay teams are able to raise thousands of dollars just by hosting a yard sale. Gather up any old items from around the house that you no longer want or need. Each member of the team should participate. Make sure that you choose to host the yard sale at a central location for optimal foot traffic. Try to get a few big ticket items as well, like furniture and electronics. Place advertisements in the newspaper and use social media to get the word out. During the sale, offer free coffee and some home baked treats with each purchase.

Dinner Auction

Rather than host a traditional dinner event, why not host a dinner auction? Have each participant bring a cooked dish and their checkbook. Each plate will then be auctioned off. Dishes should be covered to keep them a secret until a winning bid is place. This is a fun twist on the usual dinner fundraising events.

Fiesta Party

Celebrate the weekend with a fiesta party. Charge $10 per plate. Each guest will receive four tacos, a drink, chips, salsa and rice. This is a great way to kick off the weekend and encourage others to donate to a good cause. You can host this type of event at your office or in your backyard. To really kick it up a notch, why not find a DJ who would be willing to donate their time for your cause.

Lunch for a Week

Most people today don’t have time to leave the office to get lunch. Why not bring their lunch to them? Host an event where participants can bid on lunch for a week. The winner will receive a tasty lunch delivered straight to their desk for an entire work week. This can be a variety of dishes, like Italian or Asian cuisine. Get in touch with local restaurants and ask for donations. Don’t forget to attach a note with each meal that includes information about the food. This is a fundraising event that will appeal to anyone who works a regular 9-5.

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