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9 Emotional Triggers of Viral Content


Many people claim to know the secret to creating content that goes viral, but you need data that supports these claims. A new study decided to take a statistical approach to content that goes viral and determine once and for all what really plays a part in viral ability for content. Now you will know all the intricate details that go into creating content destined for viral greatness.

Don’t Keep It Short and Sweet

You might be under the impression that long content does not get read or shared online, but data shows that the opposite is true. If you create content in long format at over 2000 words in length, this will increase the number of shares that it gets. Long-form content simply gets more shares in comparison to short-form content. The data supports these claims completely. The truth is that memes and funny Instagram pics flood the web, which means you need to concentrate on creating one long piece that gets attention. A bunch of short and basic pieces will not make the viral impression you are looking for.

Evoke Emotions

This is easier said than done, but triggering emotions is what leads to viral content. It doesn’t quite matter what emotion you are looking to evoke, but inspiration and laughter lead to the most shares. If you have the ability, it is best to stay away from sad emotions or anger. Triggering sadness and anger are not a recipe for viral success. If you want your content to spread like wildfire, you must target positive emotions and say something profound. Emotions lead to the most viral success, but they are also the hardest to evoke.

Images add To Your Words

Images speak louder than words when it comes to viral ability of content. This means that you should look to create content that is infused with compelling visuals that complement the written words. On Facebook, content is twice as likely to be shared if it has at least one image. This is also true for Twitter, which is known to prefer content that has at least one image.

Get One

You need to go after the top influencer in your market to help make your content go viral. One influencer has the ability to make all the difference. If at least one influencer shares your content, you will likely get almost 1000 more shares.

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