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9 Contact Form Conversion Tips


Contact forms are the most effective way to boost sales and generate new leads. However, you need to know the best methods for optimizing contact forms so that you have the most success. These concepts are not complex, but they are a bit “outside of the box” in thinking. If your online business counts on contact forms, you need to keep reading below for some powerful optimization tips.

How Many Fields Matter?

Simply asking for too much information is never a good idea. You need contact forms that are specific and short. Imagescape learned this quickly when they cut back on the number of fields on their contact forms from 11 down to 4. The results showed that conversion rates increased by almost 120%. The actual conversion rate rose from 5.4% all the way to an impressive 11.9%. This means that limiting the amount of fields on your contact form is a good thing. Just ask for the basic information that is the most vital.

Keep it Necessary

When you are creating your contact form, it is important that you limit the questions to necessary information only. Some questions simply are not as important as others. For example, asking for age drops conversion rates by 3%. You do not really need to know the age of your online users, so this information does not qualify as necessary. A telephone number might be a great piece of information to get your hands on, but the fact is that asking for a telephone number drops conversion rates by over 5%. Try and stay away from asking for a telephone number on your contact form if possible.

Felid Label Tips

You might not realize it, but the way that your fields are labeled plays a big part in conversion rates. Try to keep your labels aligned on the left side, because research shows that left aligned labels are more readable. Two columns lead to a lot of confusion, so be sure to keep your contact form limited to one column at all costs. It is also proven that having your labels at the top of the field are much preferred over the alternative. It is also suggested that you do your own testing beforehand to work at all the kinks in your contact form and determine what actually works best for your business.

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