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9 Car Dealer Internet Marketing Tips

Best Practices for Online Car Dealers

Improving Online Car Dealerships: Timing, Technology And Talk

Just about any purchase online nowadays may can be a frustrating experience: despite many transactions going smoothly, there are many individuals who have had a nightmare with the internet and purchasing. The experience is amplified when both the product and money involved is a major one: interacting with a car dealer online and purchasing a car. The stakes are much higher-both the risk and the reward.

CARWOO.com has compiled some figures to confirm that some auto dealerships need a tune-up of their own, and they are there to help online dealers exclusively and thereby improve the consumer experience considerably.

The Information provided in the graphic was both very useful and eye-opening: as a consumer it provided me optimum time-frames for internet automobile browsing and correspondence with dealers, which for me would be in the morning between 9 to 10 a.m. , because I wouldn’t be getting badgered and inundated by so many emails and phone calls by salesmen.

I was very surprised by the chart that so many dealers’ internet departments are on-line in the morning. The chart clearly show the ideal time for auto dealers to use the internet to maximum potential to be between 7pm, when buyers are at their peak on-line while dealers are beginning to decline, and up until 10 p.m. and beyond.

It also asks a question that perhaps many an auto dealer may wish to ponder: basically, are you willing to close the literal showroom and start paying more attention to the virtual showroom floor? It’s an incredibly relevant question and timely, being that despite the advancements in technology, there are still business “dinosaurs” that haven’t caught up to the times and they are severely missing a large and expanding target market, and as a result anemic sales are making their bottom line suffer.

I also appreciated the graphic displaying information that confirms an age old saying: you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. When auto sales men are nice, respectful, and cater to the needs and the schedule of the consumer, the sales closing rate at 61% is enormous in comparison to a meager 6% after the sales department has treated the consumer poorly-often badgering them and being demanding of their time and energy.

The statics weren’t compiled by a few obscure, oblique surveys; CARWOO.com dissected thousands of car deals were to come up with the figures and percentiles posted in the graphic. This is not a fly-by-night appraisal, but rather an in depth investigation so online car dealers can use both some new techniques and old time-tested proven ones to deliver premium service to the customer, therefore laying the groundwork for repeat business and improving their balance sheet significantly.

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