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8 Tips for Writing Catchy Blog Titles


Everyone wants page clicks—just look at some of the outrageous headlines afforded by today’s popular news aggregates.

10 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes, Fans, etc….
You Won’t Believe How They Managed To Get 1,000,000 Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, etc….
Learn How To Write Amazing Web Copy In 5 Steps, etc….

And, those are just some common examples. Given the fast nature of the web, it’s even more important to get people attention before they move on to something else.

That’s why it’s pretty important to learn how to write headlines that are click-worthy in the first place.

Above, we posted an infographic that, well, provided some tips to help you ‘cheat’ a little when it comes to writing great headlines. So, what should we take away from the aforementioned information?

1) Great headlines are helpful headlines.
Great headlines are helpful headlines—they immediately tell your readers what to expect. So, make it obvious. If they know what to expect, they’ll keep reading to learn more.

2) Make people gain what they want, not what they don’t want.
Headlines should appeal to people by telling them that they can achieve what they want—otherwise, why read. Appeal to the two main factors behind all human behavior: gaining pleasure and averting pain.

3) Ask questions to get answers.
Questions are effective attention grabbers for a reason. They compel people to keep searching for answer. So, using a question as a headline encourages readers to take the next step and clickthrough to your content.

4) People want to know their do’s and don’ts.
Do’s and don’ts are a tried and true way to get people interested in web content. It worked ten years ago—and it still works now. Many web readers find such content valuable, since it ultimately teaches them something fast.

5) Lists still work.
Sure, you might be tired of list-based content, but readers aren’t. Lists still work in many ways—use them for teasers, blog posts and don’t forget to specifically target that list to your audience.

6) Speak to your readers.
Inspiration keeps people reading, so the right headline ultimately becomes an excellent hook. Hook them, and they’ll click-through….

7) Provide a solution to a nightmarish problem.
Ever bust out your smartphone in the middle of the night to find the answer to something? A great headline will help your late night readers find your content and get a satisfying answer to their questions.

8) Forage bonds with your readers.
Every headline you craft should harbor a little promise to your readers: that they’ll find the answer to their question in no time. With your headline, you’re making a promise to prospective readers, so don’t let them down. And, if you keep that promise, they’ll keep coming back to read your content.

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