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8 Remarkable Luncheon Invitation Wording Ideas

The typical American lunch consists of items such as salads, soups, and sandwiches. Drink of choice are usually soda, coffee, water, or iced tea. Lunches are typically found to be the lightest meal of the day. Starting back in the 18th century, lunch was used to be a snack between meals. When planning an afternoon luncheon, the following invitation wording ideas serve as great examples to the type of verbiage you can use for planning your event.

[organization] cordially invites you to an Afternoon Luncheon on [date] at [time]. [venue name, address].

[organization] invites you to a presentation by [name and title] at a lunch meeting on [date] at [venue name]. The presentation and lunch will be held at [address]. We shall be meeting from [time] to [time].

After all the planning, the big day is almost here. Please join us for lunch & good cheer. A bridesmaid luncheon honoring [name]. [date] at [time]. Kindly regret [number].

Cheers. Please join your friends at [organization] for a lunch reception at the sophisticated [venue name] [day of week], [date] [time] – [time]. [address]. Please confirm your attendance by [date].

Please join us for a brunch in honor of [name]. [date] at [time]. [venue name and address].

You are cordially invited to join [organization] for a luncheon in honor of our [celebration type] on [day of week] the [date] of [month]. [address].

You are invited to a Garden Luncheon hosted by [organization] on [month, day] at [time] at the [venue name]. Kindly respond by [date] to [name] at [number].

You are invited to a luncheon in recognition of all of your hard work and dedication to both [name] program and our students over the past year. The lunch will be held during [date and time] at [venue]. Thank you so much for all you do.

The below infographic provides some interesting facts regarding the history of lunch and interesting lunch faces from around the world. On average, lunch is consumed between noon and 2:00pm. Some of the most popular lunch dishes from around the globe are also highlighted.

Global Lunch Trends

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