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8 Pros and Cons of the Opera Web Browser

With numerous web browsers from which to choose today, Opera continues to be a top choice for many who regularly work, research, or surf the internet. Originally started as a research project in 1994, Opera saw its first release n 1995. It has evolved over the years from being a trialware browser, an ad-sponsored browser, to a free use browser that is safe and secure.

Are you thinking about making a switch? Then here are the pros and cons of the Opera browser to consider before finalizing your decision.

What Are the Pros of Using Opera?

1. It offers a relatively small download and memory profile.
Opera isn’t going to take up a bunch of your system’s resources just so you can access the internet. It downloads quickly, even on slower connections, yet keeps your computer running at speeds you enjoy because it isn’t bogging down your memory or HDD space.

2. It is fast and responsive.
Browsers like Chrome or IE can get slowed down very dramatically thanks to the automatic installation of several toolbars, widgets, and other functions that you may rarely, if ever, use. Opera is streamlined and designed for those who want a responsive browser that meets their needs. You won’t find the loading delays that are browser-caused as frequent when using it compared to competitive platforms.

3. It has several integrated protections with proven capabilities.
Many browsers today offer integrated phishing protection, integrated RSS feeds, and integrated email clients. Opera was one of the first browsers to offer these options, which means users receive a refined approach to their needs. It really can be your all-in-one solution when your responsibilities or hobbies keep you actively online for long periods of time.

4. There is a large community which provides strong support.
If you run into problems while using Opera for some reason, then you can often find a solution to your problem thanks to the community which uses this browser. Instead of being kept on hold to hopefully find a solution, you can go out and find one to implement right away. This may mean you must access the community through a different platform, but doing something constructive is often better than sitting around waiting for someone else to help you.

What Are the Cons of Using Opera?

1. It requires a very strict adherence to coding in order to properly operate.
Not every website does a great job with their coding work. This can cause problems for Opera from time to time. Because cookies are tracked as site-specific and the CSS/HTML is strictly read by the browser, users may find that what works on Chrome, IE, or Firefox isn’t always going to work when using Opera.

2. Companies that do web development don’t see Opera as a high priority.
Although the community is large in number, Opera only holds about 1-2% of the overall market share of browsers today. This means when 99 out of 100 people are using something else, Opera becomes a low priority for companies that do web development. This may cause some sites to completely block Opera as a result.

3. The extensions which are built into Opera are not always easy to find.
Opera is a web browser that is designed for people who really know their way around hardware and software applications. If you know how to turn on a computer and get onto the internet, but that’s about it, then you’re not going to find Opera to be very user friendly. The extensions are very helpful when you do find them and begin to using them, but that process is definitely intimidating for many people.

4. It can offer users too many choices sometimes.
One of the positives that Opera brings to the browsing community is that it offers users several choices in how they experience the internet. This can also be a negative at times because there can be too many choices and the process becomes overwhelming. There is a definite learning curve that must be taken on when using Opera, so if you’re not prepared for this, it can become tempting to switch back to something more comfortable.

Opera as a web browser provides a safe and effective user experience. The pros and cons of the Opera browser show that for folks who have some experience with computers and the online community will benefit the most from it. Everyone, however, has the chance to find something great about this browser if they’re willing to give it a chance.

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