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8 Places to Visit that Exude a Primary Color


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The versatility of colors is astonishing. A single color is capable of evoking several varied emotional responses from several differing perspectives. It’s also interesting to pay attention to the cultural significance of a color from one aspect of humanity to the next. These thoughts can be applied to any color imaginable.

A World Of Colors

Think about some of the more basic colors out there. We’re talking about red, blue, yellow, and so forth. What do they mean to you? Consider your own emotional responses to these colors, and then compare those responses to the symbolism of that color for a particular country. The results are likely going to surprise you:

1. Shanghai, China: Red is a significant color in the most populous city on the planet. Red is meant to stand for good fortune, joy, and other things along those lines. It is a significant color during the Chinese New Year, in addition to a number of other celebrations. Interestingly enough, it is against the law to own a red car in China.

2. Delhi, India: In Hinduism, orange is considered to be a sacred color. The orange is believed to be a native fruit to the country, while Holi is a holiday in which people throw orange paint and powder (amongst other colors) at one another.

3. Giza, Egypt: Most of the Egyptian gods are associated with the color yellow. This color is also prominently featured in the six colors found in Egyptian art.

4. St. Moritz, Switzerland: The green adult beverage absinthe originated in Switzerland. It’s also worth noting that Switzerland leads the world in green-friendly solutions. Green-friendly transportation is becoming increasingly prevalent there, while ten Swiss towns have thus far banned cars altogether.

5. Hyam’s Beach, Australia: The blue waters of Hyam’s Beach, Australia really are blue, which is perhaps why blue is such a popular color in general.

6. Indigo Lake (Alaska): This lake is 746 m above sea level, contains tons and tons of wild rainbow trout, and was named in 1954.

7. Indigo Lake (Ohio): This lake joined America’s National Park system in 1974. Anyone looking for a lake that promises a lot of wonderful fishing will definitely want to consider this destination.

8. Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan: The wisteria is one of the most ancient flowering trees in the country. This dazzling garden of purples features 20 species.

The diversity of the world is beautifully expressed through the colors that define our emotions.

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