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8 Fascinating Adam K. Deane Quotes

Adam K. Deane is the author of ‘Happiness Bubbles: 10 Steps to a Happy Life.’ Following these ten practice steps as outlined in his book, Deane shares how to lead a happy life and unleash new perspectives. He presents a listing of suggestions you can start following today to bring you down a clear path of change. Here is a look at some great Adam K. Deane quotes.

“I wish I could do this all the time. The thing I love is that in some small place I am making an impact on others, a change to someone’s life or a momentary smile on their face.”

“I stop. Take a week off. Read someone else’s book and return. I write in the early hours of 5am-645am before the chaos of the world begins. That’s the best time to avoid the problems of writer’s block. For me anyway.”

“Just do it! Get your writing down on paper! There will always be one person who will want to read what you have written.”

“I’m currently looking at a book that gives advice to my former self. It’s in planning stage, but I’m trying to collate the learnings from my life so far – things I wish I knew when I was younger. Indeed, I hope my daughters will find this useful!”

“Life is a journey. We all see good and bad every day. I try and note away the good in my virtual notebook and piece it together into a concept.When that concept evolves, I know that it is time to put pen to paper – or fingertip to keyboard, as it were.”

“Happiness Bubbles was inspired by my children. As you’ll find out in the book, the concept of happiness bubbles was during an incident involving bubbles. The real inspiration came from that specific moment. As children we are carefree and we are not conditioned in how we become happy and how we are told to be happy. As we grow older, we become skewed into becoming happy for specific reasons, some of which are extrinsic. My first book, Happiness Bubbles, is about how we can all become happy from different things. The route that I recommend is through focusing on others.”

“Making your world an amazing, happy place.”

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

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