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8 Fantastic Easter Fundraising Ideas

Like other holidays, Easter is a great time to fundraise. No matter whether you need to raise money for your church, school or charity, there are several ways to raise funds for your cause while celebrating this important holiday. Here are some great Easter fundraising ideas that you can organize with a small team of volunteers.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a fun way to celebrate the holiday, but also give you a chance to raise money for your cause. This type of event can be simple, or you can have additional events that help generate more profit. If you only plan on having an egg hunt, you can charge a small entrance fee for kids to participate. If you plan on having other events as well, you may want to allow kids to participate for free.

For the egg hunt itself, you can purchase small plastic eggs from the dollar store or any local craft store. Eggs are cheap, and the prizes you place inside can be inexpensive as well. Candy and small toys are just a few of the many items you can place inside of the eggs.

In addition to the egg hunt, you can also include the following in your event:

• A bake sale.
• Refreshment sales.
• Candy sale.
• Easter-themed crafts.
• Photos with the Easter Bunny.
• Face painting.

The Easter egg hunt can be held at a local church, or in a park. Promote the event in the local newspaper and through flyers.

Easter Egg Decorating Contest

This is a fun event for both kids and adults. Have each participant decorate their eggs. Have different categories for decoration types (i.e. funniest face or most ornate). Provide accessories and dye for the participants to use. You can choose to have each person bring their own eggs or you can supply them, but keep in mind that supplying the eggs can become costly.

An egg decorating contest is a great focal point in which you can build other fundraisers around. For example, you can also host a bake sale in addition to the contest, or make the contest a part of an Easter egg hunt.

Easter Bake Sale

Easter is a great time to sell sweet treats, like cupcakes or cookies. You can host a bake sale in conjunction with another fundraising event, or after church service on a Sunday afternoon. Make sure that the treats you sell are Easter-themed.

Flower Sale

The Easter holiday marks the beginning of spring and flower season. A flower sale can generate a nice profit on its own, but can also be combined with other fundraisers to raise more money. To make this idea work, you will need the help of a local florist or a garden center. Ask for donations or for a discounted rate. You can choose to sell bouquets of flowers, single flowers or trays of flowers.

Easter Bunny Breakfast

Arrange for a special breakfast event with the Easter Bunny as the star guest. This event can be held in a local restaurant, firehouse or school cafeteria. Speak with the owner of the venue to negotiate a special price for the event. Charge a fee for each plate and for each photo taken with the Easter bunny. You can also pick up some fun, inexpensive prizes to giveaway to the kids.

Easter Basket Silent Auction

Create themed Easter baskets and raffle them off. Some example themes include:

• Chocoholic
• Morning coffee
• Fruit basket
• Fun in the Sun

It’s not uncommon for gift baskets to wind up selling for hundreds of dollars, depending on what the theme is. The silent auction can be held separately or in conjunction with another event, such as a benefit dinner.

Candy and Chocolate Sale

Easter is all about sweets, so running a candy and chocolate sale is a great way to raise money. There are several venders that specialize in fundraising candy, and offer their products at discounted rates. The sale can be hosted after church service or as part of another fundraising event. You also have the option of selling candy door-to-door. Candies can be sold individually, or you can create candy bags filled with a variety of different treats. Candy that is Easter-themed may fetch a higher price.

Easter Bonnet Parade

This is a classic Easter tradition that you can easily turn into a fundraiser. Kids can make their own bonnets either at home or as part of a big group activity. The kids can then show off their creations in a fun Easter bonnet parade. The parade can be hosted at a school, a church or a local park. You can charge a fee to have each kid participate, and a small prize can be given to the best bonnet. Don’t forget to set up a donation box for extra donations.

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