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8 Fantastic B2B Cold Calling Tactics

B2B cold calling tactics can be difficult to master because there is a lot that could go wrong when you make this type of marketing effort. You might speak with the wrong person and waste your time. You could get an authorization for a sale from someone who doesn’t have the authority to purchase anything. By following these specific tactics, however, you’ll be able to kickstart your next B2B cold calling campaign into something that is incredibly useful.

1. Do Your Research First

Although it seems like common sense, many marketers and salespeople just pick up a phone and call a business they think might be interested in what is being represented. This might work 1 out of 100 times. You can increase your conversion rates by 10x over this by doing a little extra research first. Look at the company, how they’d benefit from the product or service, and create real numbers on time or money. This will give the contact something to think about.

2. Know Who the Decision-Makers Are

You can make an incredible presentation to a mid-level manager. That manager will get very excited about your product. You might even get a commitment for a purchase. All of that excitement fades away when that mid-level manager doesn’t have the purchasing authorization to become a B2B lead. Don’t leave your contacts to guesswork. Know who the decision-makers are and then speak directly with them.

3. Keep it Simple

The B2B cold call is often the first contact between your business and a potential lead. It needs to be a positive first impression so that the contact has a chance to turn into a lead. Not all positive contacts will turn into leads or customers, but negative contacts will almost always remain uninterested in your services. Longer conversations create the potential for more harm being done inadvertently. Keep it short, maybe 2 minutes or less, and get your essential information across.

4. Create An Excuse

A B2B cold call that ends without the chance to follow-up in some way should be considered a failure. You should never get off the phone without another conversation planned, a letter being sent out, or an appointment set for later in the week. You’ll always have a few people hang up on you and that’s fine. It’s those moments when you get the full sales pitch in and fail to follow-up where failure happens. Create an excuse to contact them again, refer to the first conversation, and keep pressing gently forward.

5. Be Prepared

Many businesses today have gone to group purchasing strategies instead of individualized ones to limit the chances of fraud or embezzlement. When you place a B2B cold call, you might find yourself talking to a group of folks instead of just one person. If you’re prepared for a speaker conference and can field questions from many different departments, then you’ll carve out a good opportunity.

6. Develop a Thick Skin

You’ll notice that in B2B cold calling, there is a lot of negativity that will be directed your way. Don’t take this negativity personally. That attitude from your contact is happening because of previous experiences that have been less than beneficial. Your job here is simple: listen to their concerns, offer positive feedback when possible, and realize that even though this negativity is directed at you, it isn’t really about you. If you take the time to calm a contact down, the foundation of a relationship often gets laid and you’ll have a loyal customer on your hands.

7. Tell it Like it Is

You’ve already likely interrupted someone’s day with a B2B cold call. They’re already on edge. If they can catch you in an exaggeration, then you’ll lose them for good. This means the most important tactic that you can use is to tell your own story. Be authentic. Even if you aren’t able to move forward, you’ll still leave a positive impression that may pay dividends later on.

8. Offer Something of Value

You can do the same thing that websites do to create leads. Offer people whitepapers on your topic. Give them links to ebooks, videos, or product samples. Even offering to take someone out for a cup of coffee has value to it and you’ll get an in-person meeting out of the deal.

B2B cold calling tactics are straightforward and simple, but they must be implement consistently. Make sure you perform your due diligence to make sure that you get in touch with the right people and you may just see a spike in your revenues as a result.

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