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8 Famous Business Partners and Their Stories


Here are the key details to remember from this infographic…

1) Twitter
Founded by Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Jack Dorsey, Twitter is an excellent example of successful business partnerships. In less then 3 years, these individuals managed to grow Twitter from the sound a bird makes to an incredible industry where over 63% of the brands in the world signing on to use it. From the surface of the earth to the bottom of the oceans and even in orbit, Tweets are being sent and received across the planet.

2) Ben & Jerry’s
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield managed to make annual sales of greater then 4 million dollars after less then 5 years in operation. Since 1978, Ben & Jerry’s has grown incredibly to include an annual profit of $326 million in 2000. With a strong emphasis on charitable giving and moral business operations, Ben & Jerry continue to pioneer both flavor types and ethical business practices.

3) Google
Sergey Brin and Larry Page took a small search engine over a decade ago and turned it into the leading search engine in the entire world. Including several billion dollars in sales, having a combined ownership of 16% of their company gives them a total net worth of 46 Billion dollars.

4) Apple
Steve Job and Steve Wozniak worked together to bring the Apple line of products to consumers around the world. Starting small and going through a number of challenging hurtles, both Steve’s are examples of what can be accomplished with a bold and innovate idea.

5) Microsoft
Bill Gates and Paul Allen represent another powerful business partnership that helped to revolutionize computing. With a wide range of products, services, and patents, Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies in the world.

6) McDonald’s
Started by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940, McDonald’s was first a barbeque stand. Later transitioning to hamburgers in 1948, McDonald’s has seen exploded onto a global stage.

7) Hewlett Packard
Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard helped lend their name to this iconic company. Following the tradition of being founded in a small garage, Hewlett Packard has since expanded and now produces hardware and software for agencies and individuals alike.

8) Warner Brothers
Founded in Culver City California by Sam, Jack, Albert, and Harry Warner, the Warner Brothers company took some time to find its niche. Starting with direct distribution of media, the brothers soon switched to production when they found how much more lucrative it was. Now they are linked with some of the most iconic movies of our time.

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