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8 Entrepreneurs that Found Success After Turning 40


An entrepreneur is something that most people aspire to be. It is ideal to be your own boss and allow your own ideas to come life and be successful. It might seem like the dream, but achieving success as an entrepreneur might happen later in life for most. Here are the key takeaways from the above infographic.

Colonel Sanders
Many people assume that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you have to start at a young age and always make the correct decisions. This might be the dream scenario, but it is not the reality for most. Creating a successful business takes time and it often begins with many failures. Trying your hand at being an entrepreneur is likely not your first endeavor. Harland Sanders who is known as the Colonel Sanders did not have success as an entrepreneur until the age of 62. He actually lost his job as a lawyer during a courtroom brawl with a client. He took this embarrassment and actually began his own service station in Kentucky that is still one of the largest fast food chains around today.

Robert Noyce
He was a graduate of MIT that was always looking for just the right tech venture. He was never afraid to try, but this did not always lead him to success. After numerous failed attempts, he finally stumbled upon Intel in 1968. This is a company that he launched with Gordon Moore when he was in his early forties. His persistence paid of, because he ended being worth billions.

Ray Kroc
McDonalds is one of the most known restaurants in the world and is a brand that is famous. However, the founder did not have success as an entrepreneur right away. Ray Kroc actually started out just selling milkshake machines to McDonalds, but he got the ability to purchase the company. This was at the age of 52. It is never to late to give your business idea a try. You should never be afraid to fail, because as long as you are taking a chance, you have the ability to achieve success.

Stan Lee
You might think that crafting a comic is something that you would do at a young age, but Stan lee did not become an entrepreneur until the age of 39. This is when he created his first successful comic and founded Marvel. It is never too late to try and accomplish your dream whatever it may be.

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