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8 Biggest Trends in Web Design for 2015


Here is a listing of the most important points to remember from this infographic…

1) Images
As pioneered in design trends seen in 2014, image quality will continue exploding in use and popularity in 2015, leading to an even richer visual experience for users. With such an incredible emphasis when it comes to what we see, images will only become larger, clearer, and more emotional as a result. One way that image quality is being played around with is through magical realism, or the ability to combine high quality images with elements that are not normally found in the image. The end result are pictures that surprise, delight, and most importantly, look real. Whether this is an elephant that can fit in the palm of your hands or landscapes never before imagined stretching from behind your home, this magical realism will become increasingly popular into 2015. While photo editing software continues to be used, there will also be a return to hand drawn illustrations. Having emerged strong in 2014, these illustrations continues to find themselves onto websites, blogs, and news websites.

2) Design
As seen through Google’s material design, we are entering world of semi-flat electronics. While 2013 and 2014 saw the rise of flat electronics, semi-flat electronics help create the illusion of depth and space which is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Along with move towards a less flat visual and user interface, an additional design element being seen over and over again is better typography. With an ever expanding number of fonts and font styles making their way onto websites, there has never been so much beautiful diversity and design choices available. This will only increase in 2015.

3) Content
At the heart of all of these improvements is the baseline content. Simply put, content is only becoming more important. Rich-content, produced from a number of sources and offering an amazing experience, combines the above improvements seen last year into an amazing visual experience. Taken to places never before seen, this rich-content is only becoming more popular as people get better at displaying their content. long with direct rich-content, the number of background video use is also increasing. Having started in 2014, this is a trend that is only getting stronger in the new year. As a final note, cinemagraphs are also becoming more popular. Though they are more challenging to put together then a series of photos or even a video, they provide an amazing experience for the user.

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