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8 Best Smartwatches on the Market


Smart watches are designed to be much more than just an ordinary wrist accessory. They might look appealing, but these high-tech devices have many uses and functions beyond simply telling you the time. The price of your smartphone will vary based on the functions that it features.

What Can a Smart Watch Do?

The functions of a smart watch range, but there are some that are more helpful than others. You can expect a smart watch to tell time and also have other abilities including fitness tracking, downloadable apps, voice command options and email or call notification. Who knew a smart watch could do so much?

Best Smart Watch by Feature

Here is a list of the best smart watches and the features they offer:

The Pebble
The Pebble has a simplistic design, but it is jam packed with numerous features that make it a bargain at only $150.00. You can use this watch in a standalone function, which means it is not dependent on a smartphone. The many features that you have access to include Bluetooth connectivity, Android 2.3 and an internet app. You can do so much more than tell the time with The Pebble.

The Sony Smartwatch is priced affordably at $200.00 and is an accessory to your smartphone. It has a unique design that offers style and still has the features that matter most. You have the ability to change the style of your Smartwatch by alternating between analog and digital time or by changing to different wrist straps. The fitness app on this smart watch is what users find most appealing. You can really get into shape fast with the apps accessible on your Smartwatch produced by Sony.

This smart watch is a bit on the pricey side at $300.00, but it is packed full of technology and innovation. This watch is compatible with Android only and has a unique design meant to be lightweight. It has a battery that offers a long life and a flat screen that is easy to touch. Even when the sun is at its brightest, you will still be able to see the screen on The TOQ with the help of color touch technology. It shows digital time and is customizable to meet all of your preferences.

Now even your wrist watch can be technologically advanced and help you stay connected.

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