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8 Awesome LinkedIn Marketing Tips


LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals. In a way, it is the world’s largest professional network. The who’s who of the corporate world is on the site. From Bill Gates to Sheryl Sandberg, from Bruce Springsteen to an aspiring entrepreneur, they all use the site for various reasons. LinkedIn was originally a site for professionals to build their own network. Over time, companies forayed into the site and started looking for potential employees. Today, LinkedIn is a site for professional networking, jobseekers, recruiters and companies of all sizes and from every industry. But that is not where the significance and relevance of LinkedIn ends. LinkedIn is a very effective marketing platform.

There are very few better ways to generate leads than LinkedIn. If you are wondering how the site can be a good lead generating platform, then imagine this. Where else would you get more than 200 million professionals, across 200 countries and more than 2 million companies at the same site, all of whom are serious about what they are doing? You may want to think about it from another perspective. Where can you get people sitting in the echelons of power and decision making in their organizations and businesses from all industries to reach out to?

LinkedIn allows you to connect to anyone you want and then you can initiate your correspondence from there. It allows every marketing professional to reach out to the people who matter. The only other place where you can get such an audience is the traditional tradeshows, conventions or seminars and even there you would not get as many as you would get on LinkedIn.

A CMO’s Guide To Marketing With LinkedIn brings to you a list of 8 things that you can do to make the most of the site. Beyond networking, you can engage with the influencers in your industry and gain more exposure, reach out to more people and create a presence that no one can afford to ignore. A company page on LinkedIn would increase the ranking of the company website (albeit it has to be optimized accordingly) on Google. LinkedIn is a great place for market research and for lead generation. It is also effective for branding, to partake in what the industry is talking about and how major paradigms are being affected in your specific domain.

Marketing with LinkedIn is precise, effective and rewarding.

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