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8 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Dance Teams

Dance teams are often chosen to perform at special events throughout the country or overseas. Between the flight, hotel, food and spending money, these trips can become quite expensive. Fundraisers can help lower or eliminate the cost for each dance team member, but they require dedication and planning. Below are some great fundraising ideas for dance teams.

Flamingo Flocking

This is a fun way to raise money, and one where the entire dance team can get involved. All you need for this idea is 10 lawn flamingos and a little bit of time. Choose 10 yards within your community and place one flamingo in each yard. Attach a note to the flamingo’s neck with a phone number and information about your dance team. Let the recipient know that a $10 donation will remove the flamingo from their yard. A $15 donation will not only remove the flamingo, but allow the person to choose the flamingo’s next victim.

Movie Night

Movie nights are a popular way to raise money, and works especially well if you have a large studio to host the event in. A large screen or projection TV will be needed. You can raise money by charging an admission fee for the refreshments and movie. Viewing the movie will be free, but refreshments are extra. You also have the option of allowing everyone to enjoy the movie for free and only asking for donations. Just make sure that you choose a movie that your dance team and parents will enjoy watching.

Bike Scavenger Hunt

This is such a fun fundraising idea and gets participants moving. Have everyone form teams of three to five people. Present them with a list of items that need to be photographed around town. Each team must use their own digital camera. The scavenger hunt should last three to four hours, and every participant must appear with their bikes in each photo. The team that is able to take the most photos will be named the winner.

Charge an entry fee to participate in the hunt. $75 for teams and $25 for individuals is a good starting point. Make sure that all participants are aware of the fact that they must bring their own bikes, they must wear a helmet at all time, and they must bring their own digital cameras.

Yard Sale

Yard sales can easily generate thousands of dollars. Reach out to the community and ask them to donate their old and used items. Start collecting well in advance of the yard sale, and have a collection bucket in your dance studio to collect the items. Choosing the right location for your sale is of the utmost importance. A team member whose home is in a busy area may be the best choice. If you cannot use someone’s yard for the sale, you also have the option of using a town parking lot. Just make sure that you get permission to use the space first. Advertise the sale in the newspaper and around town.

Flower Sale

Flowers sales are great fundraisers during the spring and summer months. Get in touch with local greenhouses and nurseries to discuss your fundraiser. They may be willing to donate the flowers, or work with you to offer a discounted rate. Hanging baskets, bouquets and flats of flowers are all excellent items to sell and will generate a nice profit for your dance team. You can sell the flowers during your shows.

Candy Bar and Entertainment Book Sales

Selling candy bars and entertainment books are a tried and true way to raise money. Go door to door to sell the items or set up a table outside of a local grocery store. There are venders that offer candy bars for fundraising purposes and entertainment books can be purchased through the Entertainment.com website.

Yankee Candle Sales

Who doesn’t love the scent of Yankee Candles? The Yankee Candle company offers a special fundraising program that allows you to generate a 40% profit. You will have no problem selling candles at one of your dance events, or even door to door. People know and trust the Yankee Candle name, which will attract more buyers. The company will even individually package each person’s order. Simply pass around the order form and submit it back to the Yankee Candle fundraising department. This fundraiser will cost you nothing more than a little bit of your time.

Car Washes

Car washes can also generate a nice profit for your dance team. Host your car wash in a large town parking lot (with permission). You have two options with this one: Charge a fee to have the car washed, or wash the car for free and ask for a donation. There are advantages to both, but asking for donations may wind up raising more money.

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