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201 Good Anti-Bullying Slogans for Kids

A listing of 201 anti-bullying slogans to promote the campaign against bully violence. These slogans reference bullying of all kinds from cyber, school, to the workplace.

A Bully Ate My Homework.
A bully tries to put you down, because they are not up.
A bully will not win in the end.
A bully won’t stop until he is stopped.
A bully won’t stop until his mindset is dropped.
A Bully-Free Environment Makes for a Much Better Atmosphere.
A negative mind will never give you a positive life.
A sign of weakness is being mean.
Anyone can be a bull, it’s nothing special.
Anyone can bully.
B.A.D (Bullies Are Dumb).
Bad online bullies can cause BAD offline results.
Be a buddy not a bully.
Be a good friend.
Be a hero.
Be a true buddy, not a false bully.
Be cool in our school. It’s Bully Free. And so are we!
Be happy, bullies hate it!
Be kind, words don’t rewind.
Be nice on the Net.
Be proud, no bullies allowed.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Be unique, hit delete, and smile.
Bigger, Badder, but a Sadder person.
Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine brighter.
Buddies Not Bullies.
Bullies Are (Mean) People Too!
Bullies are a bad thing, and a SAD thing.
Bullies are cowards inside.
Bullies are despicable.
Bullies are hurting inside.
Bullies are not cool they’re just cruel.
Bullies are thugs that need hugs.
Bullies are turds.
Bullies don’t have REAL friends.
Bullies have PREY and PRAY mixed up.
Bullies Lose In The End.
Bullies need a big hug.
Bullies need to make others feel insecure because they are insecure.
Bullies never win.
Bullies Non-Grata.
Bullies simply tear down. Friends simply build up.
Bullies Suck.
Bullies target those unlike them.
Bullies tear down. Friends build up.
Bullies unwanted.
Bullies Weren’t Breastfed.
Bullies, don’t ignore them.
Bulling is bad.. Don’t make others feel sad.
Bulling is cruel so dont act like a fool.
Bulls are afraid of the power YOU have.
Bully free starts with me.
Bully-Free Zone.
Bullying breaks hearts.
Bullying Doesn’t Solve Anything.
Bullying Hurts.
Bullying is a bad thing, and a SAD thing.
Bullying is a cycle that has to end FAST.
Bullying is bad. Don’t make others feel sad.
Bullying is for losers.
Bullying is like smoking, it can kill.
Bullying is never okay.
Bullying is Whack, Get On The Right Track.
Bullying Isn’t Cool.
Bullying Stops Here.
Bullying? Be Smart, Don’t Start.
By being a bully you show everyone what an inferior coward you are.
Control, Escape, Delete.
Delete cyber bullying, don’t write it, don’t forward it.
Do you realize how much YOU hurt!
Don’t be a bully, be a buddy.
Don’t be a bully, be a friend.
Don’t be a bully, it’s not cool.
Don’t be a fool, do what’s really cool… don’t bully.
Don’t be a zero, be a hero and refrain from being a bully.
Don’t be mean behind the screen.
Don’t Blog, Snapchat, Tweet, Post or Pin your horrible words. It doesn’t make you COOL.
Don’t judge, you are NOT perfect either.
Don’t let a Social Network make you a jerk!
Don’t let anyone EVER dull your sparkle.
Don’t let one bad egg make you feel rotten.
Don’t pick or be a prick!
Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.
Don’t act like a creep, bullying hurts deep.
Don’t be a bully. It isn’t cool.
Don’t let anyone ruin your day.
Don’t let one bad egg make you feel rotten.
End bullying before it ends a life.
EOB — End of Bullying.
Forget the hype, don’t type hateful words online.
Friend me; don’t bully me.
Friends don’t grin, speak out about bullying.
Friends don’t let friends bully.
FULLY avoid a BULLY.
Have you asked yourself why you make others cry?
Help, Don’t Hurt.
I don’t wear a BULLY PROOF vest, your words are killing me.
I survived bullying!
I took the anti-bullying pledge.
I won’t ignore it because it’s NOT okay.
I’m Anti-Bully and Supporter FULLY. I don’t need a t-shirt.
If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.
If you hear what they say, don’t walk away. Support the victim.
If you turn and face the other way when someone is being bullied, you might as well be the bully too.
Ignore Bullies and They Will Go Away.
Instagram bully pics are for pricks.
Is your status more important than my feelings?
It isn’t big to make make others feel small.
It takes a stronger person to do what’s right, don’t belittle.
It’s alright to be polite.
It’s easy to bully, but the really strong help others.
It’s easy to hate, it’s hard to congratulate. Stop being simple.
It’s not cool to be cruel.
It’s not fair, you don’t care, we are ALL aware… you are a bully!
It’s smarter not to be a starter of harsh words.
It’s alright to be polite.
Just Say NO to BULLYING.
Keep Calm and Don’t Bully.
Keep in mind, To be kind, Cos bullying’s mean, And not to be seen.
Keep smiling, bullies can’t stand it.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Kids Aren’t Born Bullies.
Kindness counts, it starts with you.
Kindness is a priceless jewel.
Leave bullying to bulls. Become human.
Let’s cheer, bulling is not accepted here!
Life without bullies can be sweet.
Live and Let Live.
Make a noise about bullying!
Make a plan to hold a hand.
Make some noise about bullying.
Make The Grade, Join The Anti-Bully Crusade.
Matadors Don’t Like Bullying.
Matadors Like Bullies.
Meanness is a sign of weakness!
Nasty Names hurt just as much as a knife.
Never put someone else down to make yourself feel better.
Niceness is Priceless.
No Bullies Allowed.
No Bullying.
No H8.
No matter how you break it down it’s still Bul.ly.ing
No more bullying – Enough already.
No more innocent children need to suffer from bullies.
No one will miss a bully.
Online harassment has an off-line impact.
Only cowards are bullies.
OUCH! Bullying hurts!
People have no right to bully others.
Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top.
Record IT, Report IT, Don’t Support IT.
Rise up against bullying.
Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, & accepted by idiots.
Save a life. Stop Bullying.
Say no to being anon. Stop the Bullying.
Shame is a bully & grace is a shield.
Snapchat bullies are the worse.
Some bruises are on the inside. Stop bullying.
Speak up about bullying.
Stand up and say no to bullying.
Stand up and speak out.
Stand up for ALL, fat, skinny, tall or small.
Step Up So Others Don’t Get Stepped On.
Sticks and stones can break my bones, but bullies hurt too.
Sticks and stones may break your bones but mean words can tear holes in your spirit.
Stop and think, words can hurt.
Stop bullying and let the world smile.
Stop bullying now!
Stop bullying now, take a stand, lend a hand.
Stop bullying right now!
Stop Bullying. Show Respect.
Stop the Cycle of Bullying.
Stop the pain YOU cause!
Stop the Pain. It’s Insane.
Students have no right to bully others.
Support, Report, Defend.
Take a stand against CYBER bullies.
Take a stand. Lend a Hand.
Team up to stop bullying.
Thank you for not bullying.
The internet is no place for bullies.
The no bully zone.
The power of 1 can make bullying done.
The workplace is NO PLACE for bullying.
There is no gain for calling others out their name.
Think twice what you type.
Turning Your Head to Bullying is Participating.
United we stand. Divided we fall.
Use Your Brain, Being A Bully Won’t Gain.
We expect respect, don’t you?
What goes around comes around.
What you wear doesn’t allow you NOT TO CARE for others feelings.
Who wants a bully for a friend?
Why bother being a bully to others.
Workplace bullying.
Your action won’t control my reaction.
Your harsh tweet is just a public defeat.
Your heart must be cold to be so BOLD.
Your words cut much deeper than a knife.
Zero Tolerance for Bullies.

The below infographic looks at the statistics and trends of school bullying. Over half of students in schools are a victim of bullying.
Bullying Statistics and Trends

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